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This section is properly Private Presses and Publishers.  It includes a range of ephemera from early printers as well as the output of private presses, many of whose printers Johnson knew personally.  Private printing is an area in which Johnson (who mostly collected retrospectively) collected contemporary material.

Books have been removed from these boxes to the Johnson Books sequence, so that they are searchable through the Bodleian's online catalogue, OLIS.  A list of these books will be posted here.

Indexes will be attached to each press individually.  Many presses contain very little material, housed in slim folders. Others, such as Curwen and the Pear Tree Press are large sections, taking up several boxes.


For ease of viewing and downloading, the Private Press index has been split into alphabetic sections.

The entire list can be seen here.

Ackermann (PDF 122kb)

Hodgson's and Co. (PDF 104kb)

Alcuin Press (PDF 122kb)

Hogarth Press (PDF 104kb)

Allen, L C Press (PDF 122kb)

Hookham Press (PDF 104kb)

Allenholme Press (PDF 122kb)

Howe Press (PDF 104kb)

American Institute of Graphic Arts (PDF 122kb)

Hulbert (Charles) (PDF 104kb)

American Presses (PDF 122kb)

Humphries (Percy Lund)

Anacker Press (PDF 122kb)

Ibbett (W) (PDF 47kb)

Anvil Press (PDF 122kb)

Institute of Graphic Arts (PDF 47kb)

Aquila (PDF 122kb)

James Press (PDF 47kb)

Arber and Grosart Reprints (PDF 122kb)

Jones (G W) (PDF 47kb)

Archaisms, Misc

Jones and Co (PDF 47kb)

Arden Press (PDF 122kb)

Kelmscott Press (PDF 83kb)

Argonaut Press (PDF 122kb)

King and Queen Press (PDF 83kb)

Aries Press (PDF 122kb)

King's Stone (PDF 83kb)

Ashendene Press (PDF 122kb)

Knight (Charles) (PDF 83kb)

Ashlar Press (PDF 122kb)

Knight (J) and Lacey (PDF 83kb)

Asphodel Press (PDF 122kb)

Koch (Rudolph) (PDF 83kb)

Astolot Press (PDF 122kb)

Kynoch Press (PDF 83kb)

Ballantyne Press (PDF 143kb)

Laboratory Press (Pittsburg) (PDF 76kb)

Barnicott and Pearce (PDF143kb)

Lakeside Press (PDF 76kb)

Baskerville (PDF 143kb)

Landauer (Bella C) (PDF 76kb)

Batsford (PDF 143kb)

Lane (John) (PDF 76kb)

Baylis (Ebenezer) (PDF 143kb)

Lardner (Dr) (PDF 76kb)

Baynard Press (PDF 143kb)

Latin Press (PDF 76kb)

Beaconsfield Press (PDF 143kb)

Leadenhall Press (PDF 76kb)

Beaumont Press (PDF 143kb)

Lee Priory Press (PDF 76kb)

Beissert Press (PDF 143kb)

Limbird (J) (PDF 76kb)

Bell (John) (PDF 143kb)

Limited Editions Club (PDF 76kb)

Bensley and Bulmer (PDF 143kb)

Lumsden (J) (PDF 76kb)

Birmingham Arts and Crafts (PDF 143kb)

Maclin (Thomas) (PDF 75kb)

Birmingham Guild (PDF 143kb)

Major (John)

Black (A and C) (PDF 143kb)

Mandrake Press (PDF 75kb)

Blackamore Press (PDF 143kb)

Manor House Press (PDF 75kb)

Blackie and Sons (PDF 143kb)

Marchbanks Press (PDF 75kb)

Blades, East and Blades (PDF 143kb)

Mathews (Elkin) (PDF 75kb)

Blakeney (E H) (PDF 143kb)

McCreery (J) (PDF 75kb)

Boar's Head Press (PDF 143kb)

McLean (Thomas and Hector) (PDF 75kb)

Bodoni Press (PDF 143kb)

McMurtie (PDF 75kb)

Boydell (J ) (PDF 143kb)

McPharlin (Paul) (PDF 75kb)

Bradley (Will) (PDF 143kb)

Merrion Press

Bremer Press (PDF 143kb)

Merrymount Press (PDF 75kb)

British Publishers Various (PDF 143kb)

Mill House Press (PDF 75kb)

Britton (J) (PDF 143kb)

Miller (William)

Broadwater Press (PDF 143kb)

Minerva Press (PDF 75kb)

Brooks Press (PDF 143kb)

Modern Continental General (PDF 75kb)

Bulmer (PDF 143kb)

Molyneux Press (PDF 75kb)

Burgess of Ramsgate (PDF 143kb)

Morland Press (PDF 75kb)

Burns and Oates (PDF 143kb)

Moyes (James) (PDF 75kb)

Cambridge University Press

Moxon Press (PDF 75kb)

Cameron and Co.

Nash (John Henry) (PDF 39kb)

Caprivard Press


Caradoc Press

Newberry (PDF 39kb)

Casanova Press

Nichols (J B) (PDF 39kb)

Cassell and Co.

Nicholson of Totteridge (PDF 39kb)


Nimmo (PDF 39kb)

Caxton Press (New Zealand)

Nonesuch Press (PDF 39kb)

Cayme Press

North Country Printing (PDF 39kb)

Centaur Press

Norwich Printing (PDF 39kb)

Central School of Arts and Crafts

Nussey (PDF 39kb)

Charnley (Emerson), Newcastle

Nutt (David) (PDF 39kb)

Chelsea Publishing Co.

Orpheus Press (PDF 138kb)

Chiswick Press

Overbrook Press (PDF 138kb)

Chubb (Ralph N)

Oxford University Press (PDF 138kb)

Cleverdon, Douglas

Paladin Press

Cloanthus Press

Pauper (Peter) (PDF 138kb)

Cloister Press

Pear Tree Press (PDF 138kb)

Club of Odde Volumes

Pegasus Press (PDF 138kb)

Cobden-Sanderson (Richard)

Pelican Press (PDF 138kb)

Collingwood (S)

Perpetua Press (PDF 138kb)

Compagnie Typographique

Phaidon (PDF 138kb)

Constable (T and A)

Phillips (Sir Richard) (PDF 138kb)

Cooke (Charles)

Piccolo Press


Pichon (Leon) (PDF 138kb)

Country Life

Pickering (William) (PDF 138kb)




Plantin (PDF 138kb)


Poetry Bookshop (PDF 138kb)

Cresset Press

Pony Barn (PDF 138kb)

Crosby (B)

Porpoise Press

Cuala Press

Printing Schools (PDF 138kb)

Cundee (J)

Priory Press


Proctor (Robert) (PDF 138kb)


Provincial Presses 1875-1895 (PDF 138kb)

Curwen Press

Provincial Schools (Printing) (PDF 138kb)


Prowett (Septimus) (PDF 138kb)

Davis (Peter) (PDF 100kb)

Pulham Press

De La More (PDF 100kb)

Pushkin Press (PDF 138kb)

Dent (PDF 100kb)

Pynson (PDF 138kb)

Devonian (PDF 100kb)

Quaritch (PDF 138kb)

Didot (PDF 100kb)

Rampant Lions (PDF 109kb)

Dixey (H G) (PDF 100kb)

Random House (PDF 109kb)

Dolman (Ireland) (PDF 100kb)

Raven Press (PDF 109kb)

Dolphin Press (PDF 100kb)

Relfe (Lupton) (PDF 109kb)

Donaldson (Alexander) (PDF 100kb)

Riccardi (PDF 109kb)

Doves Press (PDF 100kb)

Ritchie (Ward)

Doxey (PDF 100kb)

Rodker (J) (PDF 109kb)

Dropmore (PDF 100kb)

Rodwell and Martin (PDF 109kb)


Rogers (Bruce) (PDF 109kb)

Dun Emer

Rollins (PDF 109kb)

Dutch (PDF 100kb)

Rota (Bertram) (PDF 109kb)

Dwiggins (W A) (PDF 100kb)

Roycrofters (USA) (PDF 109kb)

Edinburgh Printing (PDF 119kb)

Rudge (Edwin) (PDF 109kb)

Egerton (PDF 119kb)

Rudge (W E) (PDF 109kb)

Egoist Press (PDF 119kb)

Samson Press

Elston Press (PDF 119kb)

Samson Press

English Transitional (PDF 119kb)

Samurai Press

Enschede Haarlem (PDF 119kb)

Schmoller Press

Eragny Press (PDF 119kb)

Scholartis Press

Essex House Press (PDF 119kb)

Scott (Walter) Co.

Faculty of Arts (PDF 58kb)

Seizin Press

Fanfare (PDF 58kb)

Seven Acre Press

Fanfrolico Press (PDF 58kb)

Shakespeare Head Press

First Edition Club (PDF 58kb)

Sharpe (John)

Fisher (Henry) (PDF 58kb)

Shenval Press

Fleuron (PDF 58kb)

Sherwood, Neely and Jones

Florence Press (PDF 58kb)

Sign of the Raven Press

Fortune Press (PDF 58kb)

Simons (Anna)

Foulis (PDF 58kb)


Fountain Press (PDF 58kb)

Smith (Percy)

Franklin (Benjamin) (PDF 58kb)

Smithers (Leonard)

French Modern (PDF 58kb)

Society of Printers

Fulcrum (PDF 58kb)


Fuller, Temple of Fancy (PDF 58kb)

Speight and Walpole

Gaberbocchus (PDF 69kb)

Spottiswoode Ballantyne

Gardner of Paisley (PDF 69kb)

St. Dominics Press

Garswood (PDF 69kb)

Stanbrook Abbey Press

Gayton Studio (PDF 69kb)

Stanhope Press

Gentry (Helen) (PDF 69kb)

Stansted Press

German Presses (PDF 69kb)

Stanton Press

German Typography (PDF 69kb)

Stead (W T)

Gill (Eric) (PDF 69kb)

Stourton Press

Golden Cockerell Press (PDF 69kb)

Strangeways Press

Golden Hours (PDF 69kb)

Straus (Ralph)

Gosnell (S) (PDF 69kb)

Strawberry Hill Press

Gossop (PDF 69kb)

Studio, The


Sylvan Press

Grabhorn (PDF 69kb)

Symons (H D)

Grayhound Press (PDF 69kb)


Gregynog Press (PDF 69kb)

Talboys Press

Grolier Club

Talone (Albert)

Grolier Society of Great Britain (PDF 69kb)

Tarr (John)

Gruyon Press (PDF 69kb)

Taylor (J)

Guthrie (James)

Tintern Press

Halcyon Press  (PDF 104kb)

Totem Press

Harbor Press (PDF 104kb)

Totham Press

Harding and Wright (PDF 104kb)

Trouvillion Press

Harris (J) (PDF 104kb)

Vale Press

Haslewood Press (104kb)

Van Voorst

Haworth Press (104kb)

Vase Press

Hawthorn House (104kb)

Vincent Press

Haycock Press (104kb)

Vine Press

Hazard of Bath (104kb)

Walker (Emery)

Heal (104kb)

Ward (Marcus) and Co.

Henderson and Spalding (104kb)

Westminster Press

Hermes (104kb)

White Owl Press

Herrin News Shop (104kb)

Wolpe (Berthold)

Hesperides (104kb)

Woodstock Press

High House Press (104kb)

Woolly Whale

Hill of Bristol (104kb)

Yellow Sands, Bembridge School

Hills (Henry) (104kb)

Zeitlin Press

Hilton (Robert) (104kb)


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