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Many of the prints in the John Johnson Collection have been catalogued and digitised.

Political Cartoons and Trades and Professions and some Fashion prints (notably cartoons) are available through the John Johnson online catalogue and through VADS, where they are cross-searchable with other collections.

The Trade in Prints and Scraps (popular prints), the Trade in Cheap Mezzotints and Lithographs, Scraps, Puzzle Pictures and Window Pictures and Transparencies have all been catalogued and digitised.  The images are available through the ProQuest resource: The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera.

Additionally, there are many prints scattered throughout the Collection. Genre terms used to describe these in our online catalogue are: Allegorical prints, Art reproductions, Bird's eye view prints, Book illustrations, Botanical illustrations, Caricatures, Cartoons (commentary), Cityscape paintings, Cityscape prints, Commemorative prints, Costume prints, Drawings, Fashions plates, Fashion prints, Frontispieces, Genre drawings, Genre paintings, Genre photographs, Genre prints, Graphite drawings, Group portraits, Hidden image works, Hold-to-light works,Humorous pictures, Illustrations, Landscape drawings, Landscape photographs, Landscape prints, Marine paintings, Marine prints, Medical illustrations, Metamorphic pictures, Micrographical portraits, Military prints, Myrioramas, Mythological prints, Naval prints, Panoramas, Panoramic views, Performing arts prints, Periodical illustrations, Photographic prints, Pictorial alphabets, Pictorial lettersheets, Picture puzzles, Political Cartoons, Portrait drawings, Portrait paintings, Portrait photographs, Portrait prints, Puns (visual works), Rebuses, Religious pictures, Religious prints, Satires (visual works), Scientific illustrations, Scraps, Scrapbooks, Seascape prints, Sheet music covers, Silhouettes, Sporting prints, Still life drawings, Still life paintings, Still life prints, Technical Illustrations,Tinsel prints, Toy theatre cutouts, Viewbooks, Views, Vignettes, Volvelles, Vues d'optique, Wallpapers, and Writing blanks.



Oxford Caricatures

Arundel Society



Printed on the Ice (PDF 59kb)


Printsellers' Catalogues


Puzzle Pictures (PDF 29kb)




Steel Engraving (Victorian)

Chromoxylography (H Knofler)

Trade in Cheap Lithographs (PDF 25kb)

Coney (John), Engraved Proofs of Cathedrals

Trade in Cheap Mezzotints (PDF 7kb)

De Bry

Trade in Prints and Scraps (PDF 189kb)


Trades and Professions


Window Pictures and Transparencies (PDF 27kb)

Fashion (PDF 104kb)


Japanese Prints

Woodcuts of the Sixties


Woodcuts, Hand Coloured

Oil Views

Woodcuts, Specimens


Woodcuts, Tintoretto


Image Galleries

We have created an image gallery of sample images from the Prints sections.

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