Broad Theme: Printing Processes

Printing processes imageAs Printer to the University, John Johnson aimed to document printing as well as social history through his Collection.  There are several sections devoted to printers and printing techniques.  However, with the exception of a very few manuscript items, the entire Collection represents the products of printing presses, of engraving, of letterpress, lithography and a multitude of 20th century photomechanical processes.  Through the online catalogue, we have indexed printers, lithographers, engravers, etc. and have identified the printing processes of most items.



Barnes, Halfhide and Standish


Binders and Binding

Paper Making (PDF 50kb)

Binding Fragments

Paper Mills (PDF 22kb)


Paper Specimens

Calico Printing

Patents for Inventions (PDF 5kb)

Colour Printing (PDF 56kb)

Patterned Papers

Decorative Printer, The

Printed on the Ice

Early Printed Pages

Printers (PDF 23kb)

Embossed Bindings

Printers' Ink (PDF 85kb)

Embossing (PDF 7kb)

Printers' Machinery (PDF 49kb)


Printers' Marks (PDF 109kb)


Printing Patents (PDF 5kb)

Fourdrinier Papers (PDF 86kb)

Raithby and Lawrence

Graphic Processes (PDF 50kb)

Stereotyping (PDF 5kb)

Layout (PDF 28kb)


Leighton Bros.

Type Facsimile Society (PDF 42kb)

Linotype (PDF 43kb)

Type, Engraving Music

Lithography (PDF 53kb)

Typefounders and Typefounding (PDF 30kb)

Mechanical Composition



Watermarks (PDF 4kb)

Monotype (PDF 6kb)

Whittaker (John)

Printing processes image
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