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The Entertainment section is divided into theatres, arranged chronologically within venue, and other forms of entertainment, arranged by genre.

In 2001-2002, we catalogued most of our theatre material for the Backstage Project. This resource is no longer online, but our records are available through our online catalogue.  We subsequently digitised all our 18th century Entertainment material for an Oxford Digital Library Project 18th century Entertainment Ephemera.

We have recently completed cataloguing and digitisting our 19th century Entertainment ephemera for the JISC-funded ProQuest project.


Actors, Actresses and Entertainers (PDF 70kb)


Animals on Show (PDF 48kb)

Music (PDF 4kb)

Aquarium Programmes

Musicians and Opera Singers (PDF 149kb)

Ballet (PDF 37kb)

Nigger Minstrels (PDF 100kb)

Cinema (PDF 68kb)


Circuses (PDF 189kb)

Pageants (PDF 141kb)

Concert Bills (PDF 28kb)

Performances in Royal Residences (PDF 58kb)



Dance Programmes (PDF 42kb)

Playbills on Silk


Programmes (PDF 5kb)

Dioramas (PDF 143kb)


Entertainments (PDF 42kb)

Saloons and Taverns (Playbills) (PDF 24kb)

Fairs and Festivals

Theatre Companies

Festival of Britain

Theatre Periodicals

Fireworks (PDF 6kb)

Theatre, Foreign

Human Freaks (PDF 101kb)

Theatre, London

London Dramatic Companies

Theatre, Provinical

London Play Places (PDF 142kb)

Theatre, Suburban


Theatrical Misc

Magic and Mystery (PDF 72kb)

Theatrical Souvenirs

Miniature Theatre (PDF 16kb)

Waxworks (PDF 129kb)


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 We have created an image gallery of sample images from the Entertainment sections.

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