Broad Theme: Books

John Johnson collected books, maps and music as well as ephemera.  Some books were kept within boxes in the Collection, either with ephemera or as collections of (often small) books.  In order for books to be findable through the Bodleian online catalogue (OLIS), they have been removed from the ephemera collection and housed with Johnson books.

This is the case with Chapbooks, Children's Books, Miniature and small books, Moveable books, Penny Awfuls, Penny Dreadfuls, and Song Books. Additionally, books have been removed from Private Presses and from Sex, Population and Eugenics.

Lists of such books (where available) will be posted on this page.

Indexes to those sections still kept with the Collection are linked below.


Albert Smith and Horace Mayhew (PDF 105 kb)

Pamphlets of 1871


Penny Awfuls (PDF 44kb)

Children's Books

Penny Dreadfuls

Christmas Books (PDF 48kb)

Series (Paper Bound)

Japanese Silk Books

Shadow Books

Miniature and Small Books

Song Books

Moveable Books


Nonsense Illustrated (PDF 111kb)


Novels in Parts (PDF 165kb)

Valentine Writers - Xeroxes

Oriental Books


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