Broad Theme: Authors

Although some sections of the Collection are devoted to Authors many of these (with the exception of Dickens and Shakespeare) are small sections.

There are many other references to authors, notably in Prospectuses of books and journals, both of which have been catalogued and digitised for the JISC-funded ProQuest project The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera.

Playwrights and authors whose works have been dramatised can also be found in the Entertainment section, again with digital images on the ProQuest site.

Records (only) for items on the ProQuest site are available through our online catalogue.


Andersen (Hans C) (PDF 68kb)

Housman (A E)

Austen (Jane) (PDF 96kb)

Irving (Washington)

Author (The)

Johnson (Samuel)

Authors, Various

Joyce (James)

Beerbohm (Max)  (PDF 62kb)

Kipling (Rudyard)

Belloc (Hilaire) (PDF 78kb)

Lamb (Charles)

Blake (William)

Lawrence (D H)

Borrow (George Henry) (PDF 101kb)

Literature General

Bronte Family (PDF 58kb)

More (Hannah)

Browne (Sir Thomas) (PDF 13kb)

Nonsense illustrated (PDF 111kb)

Browning (PDF 56kb)

Reade (Charles)

Burns (Robert) (PDF 100kb)

Ruskin (John)

Byron (PDF 92kb)

Scott (Sir Walter)

Carroll (Lewis) PDF (120kb)

Shakespeare (PDF 123 kb)

Chesterton (G K) (PDF 104kb)

Shaw (George Bernard) (PDF 123kb)

Coleridge-Taylor (Samuel) PDF 108kb)

Shelley (P B)

Cowper (PDF 110kb)

Sitwells, The (PDF 77kb)

De Morgan (William) (PDF 43kb)

Stevenson (R L) (PDF 89kb)

Dibdin (T F) (PDF 70kb)

Swinburne (PDF 102kb)

Dickens (Charles)

Tennyson (Alfred)

Doyle (Conan) (PDF 104kb)

Thackeray (W M)

Eliot (George) (PDF 45kb)

Trollope (Anthony)

Fitzgerald (Edward) (PDF 59kb)

Wilde (Oscar)

Galsworthy (John) (PDF 59kb)

Wordsworth (William)

Hardy (Thomas)


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