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Advertising is one of the largest and most varied of the main sections of the John Johnson Collection, with 58 subject headings from Advertisers (wrappers of magazine which, normally discarded when the journals were bound, carry advertisements for products and books) to Women's Clothes and Millinery.

Most of this section has been digitised for the JISC-funded ProQuest project The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera.

Those which have not are: Advertisers, Auctions, Building Estates, Calico Printing, Church Furnishings,Cookery and Household, Electricity and Electrical Appliances, Fortnum and Mason, Gramophones, Harrods, Horticulture, Hotels, Housing and Houses, Liberty, Moveables, Musical Instruments, Office Equipment, Pewter, Pottery, Publicity, Sales by Public Contract, Scientific Instruments, Shell Mex, Silver,  Television, Trade Catalogues, and Trade Shows.



Oil and Candles (PDF 97kb)


Oil Lamps and Stoves (PDF 106kb)

Bazaars and Sales

Oxford Trade (PDF 134 kb)

Beauty Parlour (PDF 143kb)

Patent Medicines (PD 303kb)

Boots and Shoes (PDF 96kb)

Pewter, Ceramics, etc.

Calico Printing

Pottery and Transfer Printing

Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery (PDF 122kb) 

Publicity (PDF 11kb)

Cookery and Household

Sales by Private Contract

Dentistry (PDF 46kb)

Scientific Instruments (PDF 47kb)

Electricity and Electrical Appliances

Sewing Cottons and Machines (PDF 122kb)

Fire Grates and Cooking Ranges (PDF 114kb)

Shell Mex

Fire-Fighting Appliances (PDF 44kb)

Silver, Jewellery etc (PDF 47kb)

Food (PDF 238kb)


Fortnum and Mason

Soft Drinks (PDF 77kb)

Fuel (PDF 46kb)

Tea and Coffee (PDF 122kb)

Gas and Gas Appliances (PDF 73kb)

Tea and Grocery Papers

Gramophones (PDF 98kb)

Television (PDF 5kb)


Tobacco (PDF 101kb)

Hats (PDF 126 kb)

Trade Catalogues

Housing and Houses

Trade Shows (PDF 5kb)

Iron Foundries and Machinery (PDF 46kb)

Umbrellas and Trunks (PDF 96kb)

Ironmongery (PDF 93kb)

Watches and Clocks (PDF 46kb)

Men's Clothes (PDF 138kb)

Window Bills and Advertisements (PDF 53kb)

Moveables, Advertisements

Wines and Spirits (PDF 92kb)

Musical Instruments (PDF 89kb)

Wireless (PDF 12kb)

Office Equipment (PDF 6kb)

Women's Clothes and Millinery (PDF 167kb) 

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