These give a guide to the contents of the boxes in the Collection and the arrangement of material within them. They are not intended as item-level descriptions. There are around 700 subject headings in the Collection. 97 headings are also catalogued at an item level and 81 are digitised. This table shows the cataloguing status of each section.

The indexes are linked from two lists: alphabetic and by broad theme (e.g. all the Advertisement sections grouped together) 

IMPORTANT.  We have been checking and revising our indexes as the material was prepared for the move off-site and are continuing to post these indexes as pdfs.  If you are interested in a section for which there is as yet no online index, please contact the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection.

Of course, many further virtual subjects are available by the cross-referencing tools in our online catalogues.  For example, you can search by artist (e.g. Dudley Hardy) or subject (e.g. cats) or product (e.g. pounce or writing desks) or place (e.g. Exeter or Vauxhall Gardens).

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