We are grateful to Julie Anne Lambert, who planned the exhibition and wrote the catalogue. We would also like to thank Michael Broadway, Robert Bruce, Rebecca Combes, Joanna Dodsworth, John Fisher, Michael Fleming, Dr Alexandra Franklin, Dr Mike Geary, Chris Giles, Colin Harris, David Helliwell, Martin Holmes, Andrew Honey, Oliver House, Clive Hurst, Ralph Hyde, Peter Jackson, Valerie Jackson-Harris, Dana Josephson, Keith Lambert, Alan Leonard, Thaddeus Lipinski, Dot Little, Michael Lowe, Lynne MacNab, Dr Jay Macpherson, Michael Melia, Jacky Merralls, John R. Millburn, Sheila OíConnell, Anne Rawlings, Liz Roberts, Tim Rogers, Clare Rose, Jeremy Smith, Michael Turner, Prof. Michael Twyman, Peter Ward Jones, Graham Wilkins, Pauline Wilson and the librarians of the Bishopsgate Institute and St Brides Printing Library. Any errors are the authorís.
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