Save Oxford's present for the future

 Trade card for Badcock

While in no sense an Oxford Local History Collection, the John Johnson Collection is rich in Oxford ephemera.  We have continued to collect local material but, with the fast turn-over of commercial premises, we are launching a new project to save Oxford's present for the future.  We need your help!

If you would be prepared to be part of a team of c.35 collectors of ephemera (advertisements, catalogues, business cards, compliments slips, paper bags, menus, etc) in a small, well-defined part of Oxford four times a year, please get in touch.  

What is involved?  You choose a street or streets from our list, collect on or around 7 March, 7 June, 7 September, 7 December.  Write the date in pencil on the back (or last page) of the item and send or deliver your ephemera to the Weston Library.  We would love it if you could keep an eye on your patch in the intervening months. 

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