The Library is open to all interested parties for research use but all visitors other than Unit staff and students must contact the library in advance to arrange their first visit.

Admissions requirements 

Sketch of an ambulanceAll non-CHSMT users are asked to bring photographic proof of identity (e.g. Bodleian Libraries reader card or ID card from home academic institution) to enter the History of Medicine Library.

If you plan to use other resources in the the Bodleian Libraries or would like to use our wifi and library PC, you will need to become a member of the Bodleian Libraries.  Please contact the Bodleian Libraries Admissions Office to request a Bodleian Libraries reader card.

Readers with disabilities

If you wish to discuss access to the building and any assistance the library may be able to offer you please contact the library.

Image credit: A drawing of an ambulance from The Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa 1900-1902, Vol. II, edited by Countess Howe (London, 1902), p. 229.

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