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Related Oxford University Departments

Centre for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology (CHSMT) 

The Library is part of the Centre for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at the the University of Oxford. CHMST is a leading international centre for graduate research and teaching in many aspects of the history of medicine.

University of Oxford History Faculty

CHSMT comes under the general supervision of the Board of the Faculty of History within the Humanities Division.


Bodleian Libraries

The Bodleian Libraries group consists of the central Bodleian Library and the departmental and faculty libraries of the University of Oxford, including the WUHMO Library.

Bodleian History Faculty Library

The History of Medicine Library is overall managed by the History Librarian and forms part of the Humanities Team within the Bodleian Libraries.  The Bodleian History Faculty Library houses some history of medicine material.

Radcliffe Science Library

The Radcliffe Science Library is another member of the Bodleian Libraries group.  It houses material on the history of science and technology, including journals.

Wellcome Library (London)

The Wellcome Library in London houses the largest collection of material on the history of medicine and related subjects in the UK. 

Library resources


SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) is the main library catalogue. Material held in the Bodleian Libraries, including the WUHMO Library, and also Oxford college libraries is listed in SOLO.

OU eJournals

Search for online journals subscribed to by the University of Oxford.

Databases A-Z 

Search for online databases and journals subscribed to by the University of Oxford.

WebLearn for HSMT students

Some resources for MSc/MPhil History of Science, Medicine and Technology students are available online via the Oxford University intranet, WebLearn.  These resources can only be accessed by students on the course by logging in with their Single Sign On.

Handbook for Nurses (1912) Skeleton

Image: JK Watson, A Handbook for Nurses, (1912), p.3.

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