Borrow books and renew

Various borrowing allowances apply to different categories of readers, based partly on the need to ensure that the items in heaviest demand circulate sufficiently among readers.

Please note that Bodleian Library card holders are not eligible for borrowing.

Browse and Borrow - 30 minute session

From Monday 12th October 2020, the History Faculty Library will be offering bookable “Browse and Borrow” sessions:

  • You can remain in the library for up to 30 minutes
  • You are free to browse the shelves in all reading rooms
  • You can use the PCAS machines to copy or scan material
  • Books can be issued using the self-issue machine or at the staff desk
  • You may not sit at any desks to study during a Browse & Borrow slots as seating capacity cannot be increased to accommodate this.

For further information see:

To book a session go to the booking page for the Radcliffe Camera 

Services for self-isolating students

Do get in touch to discuss your individual needs and with library contacts. All of our services are dependent on staffing levels but we will do our best to help you where possible.​

Click and Collect

We are able to offer Click and Collect via email where appropriate (e.g. proxy collection for self-isolating or vulnerable readers). Please email details of required items to

Please note that we are only able to process requests Monday to Friday between 9-5pm and at busy times there may be a delay before we are able to fulfill your request.

Standard loan (undergraduates, Visiting Students, Masters' students)

  • In Term: up to 15 books for up to 7 days
  • Christmas and Easter Vacation: up to 20 books for the duration 
  • Long Vacation: up to 30 books for the duration.

Research loan (Research-level students, Visiting Academics, postholders of Faculties other than History)

  • In Term: up to 15 books for up to 28 days
  • Christmas and Easter Vacation: up to 20 books for the duration 
  • Long Vacation: up to 30 books for the duration.

Faculty loan (postholders of the History Faculty)

  • Up to 20 books for the duration of a term or Christmas or Easter vacation. 
  • Long Vacation: up to 30 books for the duration.

Short Loans

A small number of heavily used items are available for lending for up to 2 days during term (included in limits above) with the option of one online renewal. Short loans can be borrowed for the whole vacation period from Thursday of 8th week (see vacation borrowing below).

Vacation borrowing

Vacation borrowing starts on Monday of week 8 each term, with books being issued until the start of the following term. From Thursday of week 8 borrowing limits are raised and short loan books are also available as vacation loans. Notices about vacation borrowing are posted on the Library's webpage, and displayed in the Library from week 6 of term.

Michaelmas Term 2020 Vacation Loans

Bodleian History Faculty Library vacation loans will begin in Week 8.

Monday 18th January 2021 (1st Week Hilary Term)
Vacation loans due back

Self-Issue Service

Bod HFL lending books can be borrowed using our self-issue machine or by taking them to staff at the Reserve Desk in the Lower Camera.


Books may normally be renewed online via SOLO or in person or online provided that they have not been reserved by another reader. You can renew twice online before books must be returned to the Library by the new date, or if still required, renewed in person in the Library.


Books on loan to other readers may be reserved online. Email notification will be sent out as soon as the book is checked in and will be held at the issue desk for 2 working days.

Overdue books

Reminders, including a courtesy notice, are emailed to you on the penultimate day of a loan. Make sure you can read your email!


Standard loan items are charged at the rate of 20 pence per book per day overdue. Short loan items items are charged at £1 per book per day overdue. Readers who have incurred fines of £10 or over will be unable to continue borrowing until the fines have either been paid in full or reduced to below £10.

Readers can pay fines owed to other Bodleian Libraries at the Bodleian History Faculty Library (Lower Camera Reserve Desk, by cash or cheque only) or pay online for HFL fines (only if owed more than £2). The Bod HFL cannot accept payment for lost books belonging to other Bodleian Libraries or waive fines owed to other Bodleian Libraries.

Mislaid or lost books

If you are unable to find a book you have borrowed, please notify library staff using our online form. Any fines accruing from the date of notification onwards will be waived. If the item cannot be found after a certain period you will invoiced for the replacement cost plus a processing charge of £5 per item.

'Available' books not on the shelves

If you cannot find a book on the Library shelves that the SOLO catalogue shows as available please notify staff by using the missing books online form.

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