1. Can I borrow books during Long Vacation? 

Yes, you can borrow as normal. Vacation loans start on Monday 11 June 2012 (up to 10 items).

As of 14 June, for this Long Vacation we will in fact increase the loan allowance from 30 to 40 books so you can stock up what you need to right up to 8 October.

2. Can I still borrow books after you have moved?

Yes, you can. There may be a few days where they are inaccessible because book movers are in a particular section. We hope to develop moving plans where we specify the range of shelfmarks affected by outage. Once the HFL books have moved and as soon as they are available, you would then borrow them from the Lower Camera desk.

3. Where should I return books to during Long Vacation?

You can return books to the HFL right up to 17 August. Thereafter, you are asked to return books to the Lower Camera, Radcliffe Camera.

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4. Will the books still be available over summer?

Apart from anything borrowed, at repair, etc. we expect that all HFL open shelf collections will be available until 27 July. Thereafter, the books will move in stages and there will be temporary outage of a few days (see Q. 2) before certain sections again become available. The Just-in-Time team will be on stand-by to help secure alternative copies.

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5. What are your new contact details, address and location?

History Faculty Library
Radcliffe Camera
Bodleian Library
Oxford OX1 3BG

t: 01865 (2)77262
e: library.history@bodleian.ox.ac.uk
w: http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/history

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6. If I have a deadline and need books during the move, what should I do?

If you know what you want in advance and can borrow them, then BORROW IT!

If you discover during the book moves, that you need a certain book which is inaccessible, we suggest you: contact HFL staff (library.history@bodleian.ox.ac.uk, 01865 (2)2272) to find out when it be available. We expect complete outage time to be a matter of days rather than weeks.

Search SOLO for an alternative copy.

Search for alternative e-copies in online resources such as Google Books, archive.org or Gallica. The latter are examples of excellent sources for locating e-copies of 19th & 20th century books.

Contact the Just-in-Time team to help you source another copy.

If you need a book from the confined collection, we can set books aside for you by individual arrangement.


7. When will you be closed in summer?

At current state of play, we expect to close either 30 July at the earliest and possible not until 6 August. However, as soon as books have moved, we aim to make them available within days and for borrowing to continue in the Lower Camera desk.

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8. What would be the new opening hours?

The aim is to use some of the savings, generated from the HFL move, to partially re-invest into permanently funding Sunday opening hours in the Radcliffe Camera, Gladstone Link and extend it to the Old Library. History students will benefit from 13hrs pw additional opening hours during term. As of October, the Old Bodleian Library will also be open on Sunday.

The opening hours of the HFL will be as follows:

HFL @ RadCam
Wks 1-9
Mon-Fri 9am-10pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 11am-5pm
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Regular closures
Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day*
Good Friday to Easter Monday
Encaenia (until 2pm)
August BH weekend

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9. When can I access HFL books again?

In the Radcliffe Camera and Gladstone Link books will be inaccessible for a short period while book movers are working in those areas HFL books. Please ask staff for assistance if you urgently need a book. The books will then be available for reference use in the first instance.

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10. When can I borrow HFL books again?

You can borrow HFL books in the Old Indian Institute building right up to 17:30 on Friday 3 August. Currently we anticipate that lending operations will resume on 3 September but please look out for further announcements or sign up to our mailing list to receive an alert.

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11. Where should I return HFL books to?

Readers wishing to return books before 17 August, should do so at our current location, Old Indian Institute Building, Broad Street, where a book drop service will be provided. Books returned after 17 August should be taken to the Lower Camera desk. Check out the locations if you are unsure.

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12. Can I contact the HFL during this time?

Yes, absolutely. Throughout this time you can contact HFL staff (e: library.history@bodleian.ox.ac.uk; t: (0)1865 277262 ) if you have any questions, problems or urgent requirements. We can help you bridge this period of disruption.

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