Staff list

All staff email addresses take the form:

Name, Title, Location

  • Donald Mackay, Head of Health Care Libraries, Cairns Library
  • Judith Ames, Senior Library Assistant - Enquiries & Scholarly Comms, Cairns Library
  • Karine Barker, Subject Librarian, Radcliffe Science Library
  • Bryan Boylan, Library Assistant, Cairns Library
  • Aleksandra Brett, Library Assistant, Knowledge Centre
  • Liz Callow, Outreach Librarian, Cairns Library
  • Owen Coxall, Outreach and Enquiries Services Manager, Cairns Library
  • Chris Dadds, Senior Library Assistant - Cataloguing and Acquisitions, Cairns Library
  • Eli Harriss, Outreach Librarian, Knowledge Centre
  • Catherine Hartley, Library Manager and Junior Outreach Librarian, Girdlestone Memorial Library (NOC)
  • Matthew Henry, Senior Library Assistant - Enquiries and Outreach, Cairns Library
  • Frances Khouri, Administrator, Cairns Library
  • Bridget Lucas, Library Assistant, Horton Library
  • Natalia Manzano Perez, Library Assistant, Cairns Library
  • Ramona Naicker, Senior Library Assistant - Document Supply and Desk Services, Cairns Library
  • Tatjana Petrinic, Outreach Librarian, Cairns Library
  • Martin Philips, IT Officer, Cairns Library
  • Sally Phipps, Library Assistant, Girdlestone Memorial Library (NOC)
  • Edina Pillok, Collections Manager, Cairns Library
  • Susan Riley, Desk Services and Circulation Manager, Cairns Library
  • Nia Roberts, Outreach Librarian, Knowledge Centre
  • Carolyn Smith, Library Manager and Outreach Librarian, Horton Library
  • Marian Spiers, Administrative Assistant, Cairns Library
  • Robert Thomson, Library Assistant, Knowledge Centre
  • Lis Thorburn, Library Assistant, Cairns Library
  • Neal Thurley, Outreach Librarian, Cairns Library
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