Theses held in the Bodleian Education Library:

•    MSc dissertations

The Education Library receives a copy of all MSc theses produced in the Department of Education.

•    DPhil theses

A copy of all DPhil theses goes to the Bodleian Library, and we ask that a second copy be provided for the Education Library. This means that most titles, but not all, can be found in the Education Library.

•    PGCE dissertations

The Education Library also receives a copy of the best PGCE dissertations, as selected by curriculum tutors.

•    Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (DLATHE) portfolios

The library also receives most of the portfolios produced as part of DLATHE course.

Where are the theses and dissertations held?

Theses and dissertations are shelved on the far wall of the Reference Reading Room (the room on the left after the enquiry desk). MSc dissertations are grouped first by subject, e.g. ALSLA, Higher Education, and then arranged alphabetically by author’s surname. DPhil theses and PGCE dissertations are arranged, in separate sequences, alphabetically by author’s surname.

Note: Only theses judged by tutors to be of a sufficiently high standard are kept on the open shelves. The rest are held in the Library’s stack, and require a member of staff to fetch them if you would like to consult them. Dissertations from discontinued courses, such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (PGDES), are also held in the stack.

How can I find a thesis or dissertation on my topic?

All theses and dissertations are catalogued and on SOLO. For more information on how to search for them by keyword, subject, author etc., see our LibGuide.

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