Restricted Data

Restricted data collections

The Bodleian Data Library manages access to restricted data collections which, due to confidentiality or licensing conditions, cannot be subscribed to in the normal manner or accessed across the University of Oxford IT network. Assistance is also given in completing formal applications to access data and to offer secure storage space in certain circumstances. In cases where a University ‘Institutional Signature’ is required as part of the application process this is supplied by the Bodleian Data Librarian.

Examples of data which are held or where assistance has been given in successfully making an application include:

Eurostat and UKDS Secure Lab

Support and advice is also provided on how to apply for access to restricted data - especially micro data supplied by Eurostat and the Secure Data Lab of the UK Data Service. This requires successful completion of a detailed application process before access is granted and includes:


  • Adult Education Survey
  • Community Innovation Survey
  • Community Statistics on Information Society
  • EU Labour Force Survey
  • EU Statistics on Income and Living
  • European Community Household Panel
  • European Health Interview Survey
  • Micro-Moments Dataset
  • Structure of Earnings Survey
  • and more

UK Data Service Secure Lab

  • Annual Inquiry into Foreign Direct investment
  • Annual Respondents Survey
  • Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
  • Business Structure Database
  • Labour Force Survey
  • Longitudinal Study of Young People in England
  • UK Innovation Survey
  • and more

Information on the overall procedures for applying to access this data are here:


Investment by the ESRC in Big Data has funded the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN). The Bodleian Data Library has applied for two ESRC-funded SafePods (to be located in the Social Science Library) from which researchers can analyse sensitive and linked administrative datasets via the ADRN. However there is no definite timetable for the establishment of this service. Currently provision for restricted access is made within the Economics department.

For enquiries or further information on how we may assist please email

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