Resources for researching finance may include data from subscription databases, publicly available data portals or archived academic projects. Some suggestions are:

A resource (also known as Bloomberg Professional) providing up-to-the-minute data, news and prices from financial markets around the world. Offerings include 24-hour historical and 15-minute delayed securities pricing, news, data, and analysis on companies, markets and economies. Coverage includes equities, money markets, currencies, bonds, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, and derivatives. Access is only available by dedicated PCs in the Sainsbury and Social Science Library.

Combines information on companies, markets, and people worldwide with tools for analysis, financial modelling, market analysis, screening, targeting, and relationship and workflow management.

On-site access is available to undergraduates at designated PCs in the Social Science Library (SSL), on request to the SSL staff.

Postgraduates and members of faculty may lodge a request for an individual login.

A financial market intelligence database that replaces Thomson Reuters’ previous products ‘Datastream’ and ‘Thomson One’. It provides information on markets, indices, company and economic information and historical financial data. It provides access to trusted, up to the minute and accurate content from more than 5 million securities world-wide. Coverage includes pricing data, research, fundamentals, financial estimates, news, and charts.

Access is available by a dedicated PC in the Social Science Library and only open to current University staff and researchers (blue card holders).

A resource accessible via the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) platform, offering data on business executive salaries and compensation. Coverage includes the S&P 1500 index, data on restricted stock and option awards and selected key financial metrics for each company.

One of the main aims of this European survey is the collection of statistics on industry, trade consumption and living conditions. Collection of data includes categories for agriculture and fisheries, economy and finance, industry, trade and services and transport.

A database of information on 3.4 million companies in the UK and Ireland. Reports typically include: contact information, trading addresses, activity details, profit and loss account and balance sheet items.

An online resource for researching trade, commodities and in particular international tariff rates. The subscription provides access to the main nomenclature database and tools such as explanatory notes, a compendium of key classification decisions and an alphabetical index.

Access to this database requires a username and password which are available on WebLearn.

The standard source for all aspects of international and domestic finance produced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and distributed by the UK Data Service. The database reports, for most countries, time series data on exchange rates, balance of payments, international liquidity, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, national accounts and population.

A database which provides financial details of over 25,000 active and inactive global companies. It also has over 300,000 historical annual reports and executive. Coverage includes: history, business description, properties, subsidiaries, long-term debt, Moody's rating, income statement, balance sheet, statements of cash flow and annual stock price ranges.

Orbis Europe (formerly known as Amadeus)

A comprehensive, pan-European database containing financial information on public and private companies in 41 European countries. The database provides standardised annual accounts (for up to 10 years), consolidated and unconsolidated, financial ratios, activities and ownership details.

A major source for global monthly, quarterly and annual data and statistics on international development and trade. Most of these surveys are made available through the UK Data Service, but further analysis and commentary is provided by the OECD iLibrary with direct links to main economic indicators, economic outlook statistics, and national accounts statistics.

Official webpage of the UK government for census and other government surveys. Visitors are able to search statistics by area, region or place. Data is available on the economy covering subjects such as inflation, public spending, revenue and productivity measures.

A Bureau van Dijk financial database containing comprehensive information on companies in Spain and Portugal. It may be used to research individual companies, search for companies with specific profiles and conduct analyses. Information includes company financials, financial strength indicators, stock data, corporate structures, mergers and acquisitions deals and maps and cartographic analysis.

An archive of social science research that, in collaboration with the UK Data Archive, makes data available from many key governmental surveys and academic research projects. Content may be downloaded or analysed online on various issues including race, economic wellbeing, voting behaviour and social attitudes.

A database of M&A, IPO and venture capital deals, with pan-European transactions dating back to 1997 and US deals from 2001.

Further resources on this theme may be found by using SOLO, OxLIP+ and the relevant library LibGuides.

Recommendations for additions to this list are always welcome. Please email the Bodleian Data Library with suggestions.

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