Terms & Eligibility

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Bodleian Visiting Fellowships are intended for applicants external to the University of Oxford.
  • Applicants for Fellowships should hold a doctorate at the time of application, or equivalent qualification in their field of research (e.g., holding a curatorial post in a museum or library), unless specified otherwise in the particulars for individual Fellowships as described on the Fellowships webpage.
  • Fellowships are open to applicants of any nationality.
  • Those who have held a Bodleian Visiting Fellowship within the past 5 years are not eligible.

In every case, the applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • The demonstrated need of the applicant to consult specific items or collections within the Bodleian Libraries' Special Collections.
  • The potential of the applicant to contribute to the research culture of the Libraries and the University.
  • Evidence that the project will increase scholarly or public understanding of the materials consulted, through publication or public dissemination, or by developing innovative research methods.

Terms for Bodleian Visiting Fellowships

  • Visiting Fellows are expected to be regularly present in Oxford throughout the period of the Fellowship.
  • An invitation to take up a Fellowship will be made subject to agreement on the dates of the visit. Bodleian Visiting Fellowships must be taken up during the 2020-21 fellowship year, between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021 (please note there are different terms for the Collaborative Fellowships).
  • The fellowship visit must be a minimum of 1 month.
  • Those who require a visa in order to take up the Visiting Fellowship in the UK are responsible for securing the appropriate UK visa and, once a proposal has been accepted, award of the Fellowship will be conditional on fulfilling this requirement. 
  • Applicants whose visit to the UK will require sponsorship of a visa by the University will only be considered for visits of 3 months or more. Currently, sponsored visas may be required for non-EEA visitors who are not actively employed by an academic institution. The Libraries will advise applicants in case of any change in these rules.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the description of individual Fellowships on the Fellowships webpage, funds available to Visiting Fellows are up to £1,800 per month (funds of up to £2,000 per month are available to Bahari Visiting Fellows from outside the UK/EEA/North America). Funds are granted for allowable expenses, such as travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, to support a research visit in Oxford. It is the responsibility of each Fellow to ensure that expenses are covered by the funds available. Applicants should be aware that accommodation costs in Oxford may exceed the funds offered, and Fellows are responsible for finding and arranging their own accommodation.
  • Depending on the method of disbursement and your UK tax status, award funds may be subject to UK tax and NI.
  • Fellows may be invited to contribute to the scholarly programme of the Bodleian Libraries with a short presentation, lecture, or published report, or other demonstration of their research in progress, and should be ready to present an abstract of this if requested.

With any further questions, please email fellowships@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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