Other centres for the collection and preservation of modern British political papers

Political Papers and Parliamentary Archives Group

The Political Parties and Parliamentary Archives Group, UK (PPPAG, UK) was established in January 1997 to bring together the archivists and librarians in charge of administering party political archives and the private papers of politicians. It was originally called the Political Parties Archive Network, United Kingdom (PPAN, UK), but change its name to PPPAG in September 2001, aiming to broaden membership and experience.

Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge

Originally built to house the papers of Sir Winston Churchill in 1973, the Centre has expanded to become a wide-ranging archive of the Churchill era and beyond, covering those fields of public life in which Sir Winston played a personal role or took a personal interest. As such, the Centre now holds the papers of 570 important figures, including those of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. 

British Library of Political & Economic Science, London School of Economics

The London School of Economics collects archives of modern British political, economic and social history. As such it holds a number of significant political collections of all parties, but notably those of the Liberal Party and the Independent Labour Party.

People's History Museum

The Labour History Archive Study Centre (LHASC) at the People's History Museum is the only specialist repository for the political wing of the labour movement. It holds records of working-class political organizations from the Chartists to Tony Blair, including those of the Labour Party and the Communist Party of Great Britain.  

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