Guide to the Conservative Party Archive

A detailed Guide to the structure and arrangement of the Conservative Party Archive and the major subject areas within it can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Low-resolution version (images will appear blurred)

High-resolution version

Please note that the Guide was published in 2009 and the information it contains about the composition of the Conservative Party Archive Trust, which owns and is financially responsible for the CPA, is now out-of-date. For information about the current Trustees and their role please contact the Conservative Party Archivist.


The primary purpose of the Guide is to provide supplementary information on the organisational history and structure of the Conservative Party which will assist users in getting the most out  of relevant archival material in the CPA.


A working-draft is constantly being revised as new information comes to light, in preparation for a second edition. Any information not included here and which you feel could be of benefit to others would be gratefully received. Ultimately the aim is to consolidate the information contained in the Guide into a much-improved online catalogue to the CPA.

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