Remote access

Access library resources from offsite

SOLO, Oxford University's library catalogue, can be searched freely from any internet connection. SOLO also provides links to the University's licensed electronic resources (such as e-books, e-journals, databases). Whether or not you need a password to access these resources will depend on where you are accessing them from (either within or outside of the University network) and (if outside the network) whether or not you are eligible for offsite, 'remote' access to licensed resources.

Working within the University network

When using a PC within the domain,(e.g.library computers, including those in the Student Resource Room at Ewert House) you will be able to access most electronic resources without requiring a username or password.

Working outside the University network 'Remote Access'

When using a PC, laptop or mobile device outside the domain, you will require (if eligible) a username and password in order to access the full content of the University's electronic subscription resources. This username and password is referred to as the Single Sign-On (SSO).The Single Sign-On (SSO) is used as an authentication system for accessing the University's subscription resources and resources which are IP-validated.

Please note: you must be a holder of a valid University (blue-striped) card in order to be eligible for remote access services.

If you are enrolled on an award-bearing course at the Department for Continuing Education, you will receive notification of your Single Sign-On username when you receive your University card, together with an activation code and instructions for setting a password.

I have activated my Single Sign-On and set a password. How do I use it when accessing electronic resources from home?

Use the "Sign In" link on SOLO and enter your Single Sign-On username and password.

Remote access using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

It is no longer necessary to use the University's VPN service for access to electronic resources.

However, it is still possible to be allocated an Oxford IP address through the University's VPN. This requires registering for a remote access username and password ( this is separate from the Single Sign On) and installing VPN software on your PC. VPN and Single Sign-On should not be used simultaneously as this can cause problems with access.

For further details, see the Bodleian Libraries webpage for information on Remote Access

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