Lost books

This page is about books that have been lost while on loan to a reader. To report a book which shows as "Available" on the catalogue but is not on the shelf, see Missing Books.

If you think you have lost a library book, please get in touch and let us know. In the first instance, we will usually renew the book for a further two weeks to give you a chance to look for it at home. Often lost books do show up!

If you are sure the book is lost, we will send you an invoice for the replacement cost. If you would prefer to buy a replacement copy yourself, please contact us to discuss this. We can only accept a copy that is in very good condition and the correct edition.

Once you have received an invoice, there are a number of ways you can pay.

  • To pay by card online, visit this link: Lost book payment
  • To pay by cheque, make the cheque out to "University of Oxford" and post or bring it to the following address:

    Rewley House Continuing Education Library
    Rewley House
    1 Wellington Square
    OX1 2JA

  • To pay by cash, please come into the Library.

Please note we cannot take payment by card in person.

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