Accessing e-resources

You can connect to Oxford University's e-resources using either SOLO or OxLIP+. SOLO covers both print and online resources, while OxLIP+ is focused specifically on e-resources.


If you're not sure whether the resource you want will be in print or online, SOLO is a good place to start. By default, a SOLO search will display both print resources and online resources.  Online resources are indicated on SOLO by [electronic resource]. If you want to restrict the SOLO search to show just online resources, click on "All libraries/collections" and select "Online Resources" from the drop-down menu.


OxLIP+ allows you to browse a list of e-resources available for your subject, as selected by a subject specialist. Within some subjects, the resources have been further subdivided into categories, such as full text, bibliographic databases and images. You can also browse for specific types of resources such as newspapers, dictionaries and official papers. For more information, see the guides OxLIP+ for e-journals and OxLIP+ for databases.

Can I access e-resources from home?

This depends partly on the resource, and partly on you! Some e-resources are open access, which means anyone can access them from any internet connection. Others require a paid subscription. Oxford University subscribes to many online resources on your behalf, so that you can access them via the University's subscription.

If you are studying for an award-bearing course and have a full University card, you have been issued with a Single Sign On. You can use this to log into SOLO and access e-resources from home. If you have forgotten your Single Sign On details, visit the IT Services website. For more information on accessing resources from home, see Remote Access.

Students without a Single Sign On can access subscription e-resources from a University computer, such as computers in the Rewley House Library or the Student Resource Room at Ewert House. You cannot access subscription resources from home without a Single Sign On.

Public Libraries

A new scheme called Access to Research allows you to access some academic journal articles online for free, from computers in participating public libraries. This is separate from the University's subscriptions, so will include different journals. To find out if your local public library is participating, check All Oxfordshire County Council Libraries and the Reading Central Library are included in the scheme.

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