Data Service: East Asia

Geographically and geopolitically East Asia constitutes China (incl. Taiwan), Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, and South Korea.


China Data Online
Provided by China Data Institute (CDI) aiming to support research in the human and natural components of local, regional and global change; to promote quantitative research on China; to promote collaborative research in spatial studies; and to promote the use and sharing of China data in teaching and research.

China Statistical Yearbooks Full-text Database (CNKI)
The database provides access to the official statistical yearbooks on a national and provincial level as well as to the statistical yearbooks of a wide range of major Chinese cities. Please note that, to access the latest data, the Chinese version of the database should be used. The English version of the database is updated with a certain delay necessary for translation.

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports
Data and analysis from the Economist Intelligence Unit which provides an overview of China and covers politics, economy, risk, industry and other issues. This analysis is also used as the basis for five year forecasts of future developments. Reports and statistics are updated monthly.

National Bureau of Statistics of China
The website includes electronic versions of the annual National Statistical Yearbooks as well as important monthly and quarterly indicators. (Please note that some parts of the website only work with Internet Explorer.)

National Population Census of China
The Sixth National Population Census of China Database (NPCC) provides access to data from the 2010 population census. This includes nationwide population data, as well as data from 31 provinces, centrally administered municipalities and 2872 county level units.

National Statistics: Republic of China (Taiwan)
The website provides major indicators of national statistics in Excel and Open Document Format.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Statistical and data profile on the Peoples Republic of China covering topics such as agriculture, development, education, government and health.

World Bank Development Indicators
Data from the World Bank may be filtered to focus on China and covers topics such as agriculture, climate change, economy and growth, education, gender, health and poverty. The primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources may also be accessed and analysed.


Bank of Japan Statistics
Compiles and publishes a variety of statistics, as well as reviews the compilation procedures for its statistics with the aim of accurately assessing developments in the economy and financial markets, and changes in the economic and financial structure. Open to Public.

  • BOJ's main time-series statistics: Updated three times on each business day; to obtain the latest data immediately after the release and before these update times go to 'search by statistics'.

  • TANKAN (Bank of Japan): A short-term economic survey of enterprises in Japan. Data on the pre-revision ('number of employees') basis and those on the post-revision ('enterprises' capital') basis of the December 2003 survey are both available on the Bank's web site to enable users to see the difference between them in terms of aggregated results. Time-series data in and after the March 2009 survey are also available on the 'BOJ Time-Series Data Search'.

Cabinet Office: Statistics
The website provides statistics and white papers, presenting policies: economic and fiscal, science and technology, disaster management, and gender equality.

Portal site of official statistics of Japan delivers one-stop service for official statistics of the Japanese government, gathering information from statistical departments of Ministries and Agencies, and providing statistical data, schedule of release, etc. Statistics can be searched by theme, organisation (government department), or by area (region).

OECD iLibrary: Japan
The gateway to OECD’s analysis and data with online access provided for all publications and statistics released since 1998.
Main economic indicators produced by OECD are also available to search via UKDS.Stat.

SSJDA (Social Science Japan Data Archive)
Collects, compiles, and digitises micro-level data on Japanese society, and offers them for secondary analysis. Users can search and apply for data to use through SSJDA Direct. Please note that the majority of data sets are provided only in Japanese with some exceptopns.

  • Statistics Bureau of Japan: the bureau conducts fundamental official statistics and disseminates statistical information:
  • Historical Statistics of Japan: provides important time-series data from a vast amount of statistics covering various fields including land, population, economy, society and culture. The statistics covered in this publication range from 1868 to date. Ceased to be updated as of April 2012.
  • Japan Statistical Yearbook: a comprehensive and systematic summary of basic statistical information of Japan covering wide-ranging fields such as Land, Population, Economy, Society, Culture, and so on. The yearbook covers all fields of statistics published by government and private organisations.
  • Population Census: provides 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 population census data (last updated 12/2013). Run by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan. Open to public.
  • Statistical Handbook of Japan: designed to provide a clear and coherent overview of present-day Japan through statistics. It provides statistical tables, figures, maps, and photographs to portray conditions in modern-day Japan from a variety of perspectives, including demographics, economic and social trends, and culture. Most of the comments and statistical data for this purpose have been drawn from principal statistical publications available from government and other leading sources. The handbook is published annually in August or September.
  • Summary of Survey Results

World Development Indicators: Japan
The primary World Bank collection of economic, social and environmental indicators, compiled from officially recognised international sources, presents the most current and accurate development data available.

North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

NK News
An independent, privately-owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. The site intends to provide authoritative news, opinion & analysis, research tools, data and subject specialists.

NK Pro
An independent news, information and data platform that concentrates uniquely on North Korea. NK Pro features daily news, high level analysis, opinions and interviews from a range of scholars, diplomats, experts and North Korean defectors.

South Korea (Republic of Korea - ROK)

Trade statistics collected by KITA (Korea International Trade Association); search by commodity, country, continent/economic bloc.

Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Provide qualitative and quantitative data related to public opinion, politics, government, law, economy, business, society, welfare, education, and regional studies.

Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS)
Provide statistics about population, household income and expenditure, employment, labor, agriculture, transportation, economy, finance, education and trade. English version.

Open Data Portal
Provide open data of Korean government related to education, land use, administration, finance, welfare, labor, health, tourism, safety, and more.

OECD iLibrary: Republic of Korea
Online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Includes full-text of all books, papers, 24 periodicals and OECD statistical databases. Includes access to International Energy Agency (IEA) statistical databases and books.

Statistics Korea
The national statistical service for Korea - this site contains a wealth of information on the province level.

The CIA World Factbook: Korea, South
Provide basic background information about South Korea, such as geography, social conditions, economy, government, communication, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

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