Data Service: Latin America and the Caribbean

Data resources and data collections are made available via University of Oxford subscription or Open Data initiatives.

The gateway to all the statistical information of Latin America and the Caribbean countries collected, systematised and published by ECLAC (UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean).

Emerging Market Information Service
EMIS delivers news, company and financial data direct from emerging Latin America. It gives emerging market specialists worldwide one-stop Internet access to mission-critical information straight from the local markets.

Inter-American Development Bank: Statistics and Databases
Explore a snapshot of key development indicators for a country related to its macroeconomic profile, global integration, and social outlook. Compare the indicator value for each country with the regional average, or browse the published datasets.

An annual public opinion survey that involves some 20,000 interviews in 18 Latin American countries, representing more than 600 million inhabitants. Datasets for previous years, excluding those for the most recent year, are publicly available. Oxford's subscription gives access to the datasets for the most recent year.

MOxLAD (Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History) Database
Statistical series for more than forty economic and social indicators over the whole twentieth century, covering twenty countries in the region. It is designed as a resource for economic and social historians worldwide. It is the only source that brings together publicly available data for 1900-2000 from a wide range of official publications and presents them on a consistent basis. Coverage is now being expanded, both backwards to 1870 and forwards to 2010.

SEDLAC (Socio-Economic Database for Latin America and the Caribbean)
This database, provided by CEDLAS (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) and the World Bank, includes statistics on poverty and other distributional and social variables from 24 Latin American and Caribbean countries, based on microdata from households surveys.

World Bank Latin America and Caribbean Data & Statistics

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