e-Resources help

The links lead to resources that have been purchased by the Bodleian Library for its readers. These resources may be used in the New Library reading rooms and the Institute for Chinese Studies Library. University members may also gain access to them from elsewhere by using the VPN Client downloadable from Oxford University Computing Services.

No attempt has been made to provide links to the numerous Chinese electronic resources that are freely accessible on the internet. Please use Google or some other search engine to locate these.

In most cases, access to the resources is also limited to one or two simultaneous users, so please exit these databases cleanly (that is, by clicking the 'log off' button, if there is one, and not simply closing the browser). This is to ensure that the next user will not experience a delay while the database resets itself.

Please note that most Chinese language e-resources will not work properly (if at all) on any browser other than Internet Explorer.

If you experience a problem in accessing any of these resources, please click here, and if the problem persists, please contact the China Centre Library team.

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