PCAS - iMac Instructions

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1. What is Follow Me printing?

When you print from an application on a SBS Library Mac, you will see printer options starting SBS - Xerox PCAS. This is not a physical printer, instead it's a queue which holds your print jobs until you release them at one of the Xerox printers.

When you send your document to SBS - Xerox PCAS, there will be a pause after which a PCAS window will appear prompting for your account credentials, as below.

PCAS pop-up window

You need to enter your PCAS username and password.

2. How do I print in black/white or colour?

The default print queue is SBS - Xerox PCAS Mono and documents sent here will come out in black/white.

Documents sent to SBS - Xerox PCAS Colour will come out in colour.

Selecting either queue will result in double-sided printing.

3. I sent my print; why has the PCAS window not appeared?

The delay between sending the print and the Pcounter window appearing can be up to 1 minute. You can reduce this by printing directly from the Finder. This will print one copy of the document to the default print queue (normally the Mono one).

1) Find the file you want to print and click once to select it.

file on desktop

2) Make sure the current application is Finder (i.e. Finder is shown in the top-menu bar).

3) Open the File menu and choose Print, or just press keyboard shortcut Cmd-P.

finder file menu print

4) The application associated with the file will open briefly, send the print and close automatically.

4. How can I print single-sided, stapled, punched or from a specific tray?

1) Choose Print from the File menu.

2) Locate the drop-down menu Copies & Pages. (If you don't see this menu you may need to expand the Print window by clicking Show Details.)

os x print dialog

3) Set your required number of copies and which pages to print, then click Copies & Pages and select Xerox Features from the list.

print dialog options

4) You will see the options shown below. If you don't, make sure Paper/Output is selected in the menu below 'Xerox Features'.

print dialog xerox options

5) Click any option you want to change and select your requirements.

6) Click Print.

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