Notable Works

Notable Works coverSelected by the critical thinkers of
Saïd Business School, 2017

This compilation brings together the reflections of a cross-section of the Saïd Business School research community on works that have inspired them as critical thinkers.

The compilation – like its predecessor, Critical Thinking 2012 – takes as its starting point the premise that the way that a community comes together is not determined by individuals’ qualifications, skills, or research pro les, but by their ability and willingness to share the way they think and feel, especially about the ideas that have profoundly influenced them.

The works featured here are hugely varied in subject, period and even format. Beyond the wide range, we get an insight into how our colleagues think: by inviting us to understand why they have experienced and interpreted their nominated works in the way they have, each of the contributors has offered us an opportunity to think about values, perceptions, and lessons that might be drawn anew from the world of ideas.

As the Dean, I am deeply appreciative of the time and care each of the contributors have given this project: their insights serve to confirm that the vitality of any community of researchers and scholars is as much the product of the rich and unique individuality of their perceptions as it is of their generosity in the sharing of their unique insights with others. I would like to express a special thanks to Chris Flegg, who not only championed this project, but also led many others at the Sainsbury Library. Her professionalism, vitality, and humanity will be deeply missed when she retires later this year.

Peter Tufano
Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Finance




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