Lighting and flooring work in the Bodleian Library

24 June 2014

Following work to replace the lighting in the Lower Reading Room and flooring in the Upper Reading Room of the Old Bodleian Library during 2013, work will take place this Long Vacation to replace the lighting in Upper and flooring in Lower. Please note the following:

  • The lighting work in the Upper Reading Room began on Monday 23 June and will continue until early September. There will be very little disruption since most of the preparatory work will take place in the roof space;

  • Old light fittings will be taken down and new light fittings installed during August/early September;

  • Some new light fittings will be installed to bookcases in the Tower Room (former Lower Reserve) and also on the landing areas of the north staircase;

  • Work to replace the flooring in the Lower Reading Room is likely to take place in August;

  • During August/early September some desks and shelving in sections of each reading room will be cordoned off and unavailable to readers although we do not anticipate that each reading room will be affected at the same time;

  • If you require open access material from an area that is cordoned off, then please see staff who will fetch the material for you as soon as they can;

Further detailed information about which sections of each reading room will be affected at any time will be issued later in the summer.

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