Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School

18 June 2014

‘It is an excellent opportunity to develop your understanding of what the digital can do to the humanities or to your particular project.’

The Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) is an annual Digital Humanities training event which takes place in July. The Summer School is a collaboration for Digital.Humanities@Oxford between the University of Oxford’s IT Services, the Bodleian Libraries, the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. The DHOxSS also sees collaboration with Digital Humanities colleagues and institutions outside of the University.

DHOxSS is open to all – from researchers, to project managers, to research assistants, to students, and anyone interested in Digital Humanities. DHOxSS delegates follow a five-day workshop which is then supplemented with guest lectures.

The DHOxSS provides an opportunity to have high quality training on a wide ranging academic programme at an inexpensive cost. Participants will become conversant in Digital Humanities whilst collaborating and networking with other participants from all around the world and invited experts. They will also be able to experience life in Oxford.

DHOxSS 2014

This year the DHOxSS is taking place 14 – 18 July 2014 and registration is open until 23 June. DHOxSS 2014 will be located at Wolfson College. Please see the DHOxSS Venues and Travel page for more information.

‘The Summer School aims not only to educate its participants but also to inspire them to take these ideas away and apply them in their own research.’

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