Radcliffe Camera works: Tuesday 27 August - Tuesday 1 October

Work will start in the Lower Camera on Tuesday 27 August to create an accessible entrance to the building. During the work, the Lower Camera will be closed to users. This work is expected to last for five weeks.

This work will enable the following improvements to the facilities we offer:

  • Creation of a new entrance in Bay 4 of the Lower Camera to provide easy disabled access to the building and to improve security and circulation of material.
  • Relocation of the staff service desk to the new entrance to offer more immediate support to readers and minimise noise in the reading room.
  • Modifications to the central carousels in both the Upper and Lower Camera to provide additional seating.
  • Setting up of a Self-Collect Reserve in the Lower Camera to allow readers direct access to material ordered from closed access. This will replace the current staff mediated book service, and will come into operation when the Lower Camera reopens on Tuesday 1 October.
Access to the Upper Camera and to the Gladstone Link will still be possible from the current entrance to the Camera, as well as from the Old Bodleian.

Work will also take place in the Upper Camera, including the staff office. History Faculty Library staff will temporarily work from Bays 6/7 during that time. There may be some noise from the building works in the Upper Camera and in the Gladstone Link.

From Tuesday 27 August, a temporary staff point will be available in the Gladstone Link, on the upper level, for enquiries and for circulation of HFL material. Staff at this point can also fetch items from the Lower Camera if they are needed by readers during the closed period.

The Lower Camera is expected to open to readers again at 9am on Tuesday 1 October.

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