Closure of the Lower Camera Staffed Reserve and introduction of Self-Collect Service


  • Until 8.00am on Saturday, 3 August you will be able to order material to the Lower Camera as usual. (Please note that SOLO will be unavailable from 8.00am on Saturday, 3 August to 9.00am on Monday, 5 August)  
  • Items requested to the Lower Camera can be consulted there until 4.00pm on Saturday, 10 August.
  • If you wish to consult these items after Saturday, 10 August, please ask staff by 2.00pm on Friday, 9 July for these to be transferred e.g. to Upper Reading Room.
  • All items still in Lower Camera on the morning of Monday, 12 August will be returned to storage.
  • Between Monday, 5 August and Saturday, 21 September items from closed storage can only be requested to the Old Library.
Lower Camera will be closed from Monday, 12 August for building work. A temporary staff point for enquiries and circulation of History Faculty Library material will be created in the Gladstone Link. The Lower Camera is expected to reopen on Monday, 23 September. A Self Collect book service to Lower Camera will come into operation when the reading room reopens.

Please ask staff in the Gladstone Link if you need to access any items held in Lower Camera while the room is closed. These can be fetched for you. We apologise for any inconvenience these essential works cause.

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