Beta version of redeveloped now live

6 February 2012

We wanted let you know about a milestone in the redevelopment of and its thirty associated websites.  

The work of almost two years has resulted in beta versions of the first three of these websites. These will be live in parallel to our current sites until late February to give us a chance to test them ‘in situ’ and start to get some broader user feedback. This will help focus final amends to the sites before they fully replace our current ones.

As these are beta sites, you can expect to see some things that still need polish. You will also notice things changing before your eyes over the next few weeks as we tweak the sites, continue to improve and adapt content, and respond to feedback we receive along the way.

The first three visible beta sites and their URLs are:

Bodleian Libraries group website:

Bodleian Library website:

New visitor-focused website:

Each site has a feedback form so that you can tell us what you think (look out for the red triangle at the bottom right of your screen). Please feel free to use these to give us your views and to report any issues you come across. We can’t necessarily fix everything right away, but we’ll tackle major bugs; all other feedback will help us shape a programme for ongoing, incremental development.

Once we have replaced the three live sites mentioned above, we will move on to transitioning and updating the other associated sites over a period of around six months.

There is still a lot of work to do, but these first beta sites represent a big step for us and give us a strong basis upon which to build going forward.

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