Work on Bodleian Library Lower Reading Room lights

13 December 2012

Work on light fittings in the Lower Reading Room will be carried out Thursday 13 - Tuesday 18 December. Lights will be cleaned and new ballasts fitted on the most noisy lights.

Areas of the reading room will be cordoned off in turn and some desks and shelves will be inaccessible for short periods. Please ask staff at Lower Reserve if you require books from the open shelves that are cordoned off and we will arrange to fetch them for you as soon as possible.

The majority of the noisy work will take place before 10am although there will be small bursts of drilling and vacuuming throughout the day. You may wish to study in a different part of the reading room or in the Upper Reading Room if the noise is intrusive.

During the Long Vacation 2013 all ceiling lights in the Lower Reading Room will be replaced with ones which are more energy efficient and do not make a noise.

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