Relocation of General Reference Collection and Enquiry Service

14 June 2012

The ongoing Old Bodleian Access project saw the installation of the Old Bodleian reader lift in 2011. Work will be undertaken in the coming Long Vacation to move the library services in the Lower Reading Room closer to this lift.

Relocation of the General Reference collection: 18-22 June 2012

The move of the General Reference Collection into the Academy Room, at the North end of Lower Reading Room, is expected to take place in the week beginning Monday, 18 June. It is hoped that most of the collection can be moved while the Library is closed to minimize disruption to library users. Some moving may have to be done during opening hours, however.

The Main Enquiry Desk will also relocate into the Academy Room during Long Vacation 2012. Further publicity will confirm the dates of this move.

We apologise for inconvenience these works to improve our services and facilities may cause.

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