Proscholium Refurbishment Project: update

30 July 2008

As previously announced, the Proscholium will be refurbished during the long vacation of 2008 and we are now in a position to provide more detailed information to readers about what this will mean.

  • The current portersí desks at North and South ends of the Proscholium will be replaced with new bespoke joinery designed by Donald Insall Associates.
  • Book detection devices will be installed within the current doorways between the Proscholium and the North and South stairs.
  • Access control gates will be installed between these doors and the new portersí desks, creating one way entry and exit flows around the desks. At Proscholium South a separate Visitor Entrance gate will be installed to separate Tour Groups of visitors from readers.
  • The existing timber canopy and glass entrance doors in the doorway between the Old Schools Quadrangle and Proscholium will be replaced with new, powered glass leaf doors to improve access for those with disability.
  • The existing timber access ramp between the Proscholium and the Divinity School will be replaced with a new ramp with sloping sides. The existing timber ramp in the Old Schools Quadrangle will also be modified.
  • Readersí coats and bags storage facilities will be relocated, temporarily to the corridor outside the current staff toilets.
  • The electrical, data and security infrastructure will be upgraded and improved, and the Proscholium will be re-lit.
  • A single wall-type exhibition case will be installed in the southeast corner of the Proscholium.

A second phase of works, during the summer of 2009, will see the installation of a lift at the west end of the North range, serving ground and first floor level, and the creation of a permanent readersí coats and bags store in the current male reader toilets. This will require the current male and female staff toilets to be used by both staff and readers.

This summerís works will require a series of brief closures of parts of the Proscholium. In particular, when book detection and access control equipment is installed, it will be necessary to close each of the two staircases in turn at ground floor level. It seems likely that each door will need to be closed for two to three days for this work. The South door may need to be closed for short periods at other times, particularly when the existing South desk is removed and when the ceiling is cleaned. At no point will both staircase doors be closed at the same time and access between staircases will be possible via Arts End.

As much notice of specific closures as possible will be given to readers.

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