New Bodleian fellowships

25 September 2009

Ian-Jackson-photos-Bodleian-Copyright-Low-Res-Images-100_smallTwo new fellowships have been funded to support research at the Bodleian Library. These are the Humfrey Wanley Fellowship and the Douglas Byrne Marconi Fellowship.

The Humfrey Wanley Fellowship

The fellowship is named after Humfrey Wanley who is regarded as one of the pioneers in the study of manuscripts. As a member of staff of the Bodleian Library in the 1690’s, Wanley was one of the first scholars to regard books as research materials in themselves. During this period he was instrumental in developing the skills that he would later deploy in ground-breaking publications.  The fellowship is tenable for one month, during which time the holder will be associated with Exeter College, University of Oxford.

The Douglas Byrne Marconi Fellowship

The Bodleian Library and The Museum of the History of Science

The purpose of this annual Fellowship award is to advance knowledge of the history of wireless communication, using the Marconi archives at the Bodleian Library and collections at the Museum of the History of Science. The award will provide the recipient with the opportunity for a period of uninterrupted research using the Marconi archive in the Bodleian Library and/or the Marconi artefacts housed in the Museum of the History of Science. At the end of their tenancy, the recipient of the Fellowship will deliver the results of their research at a public lecture, to be known as the ‘Douglas Byrne Marconi Lecture’ which will be advertised nationally and held in the University of Oxford.

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