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The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) serves as an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly research output of its members. To deposit your work in ORA, please visit or use your Symplectic account. Help and information is available at

Open Access Oxford

Open Access Oxford is a collaborative project involving Research Services, the Bodleian Libraries, IT Services, the Planning and Resource Allocation Section, Oxford University Press, and the Academic Divisions, accountable to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the Research Committee. As part of this initiative, BDLSS is enhancing ORA and item records in ORA to comply with funders' requirements for open access. For more on this initiative, see


ORA-Data is an archival store for digital data produced as a result of research by Oxford academics. It is provided by the Bodleian Libraries. ORA-Data complements other data archives by providing a local archive for researchers who are not able or do not want to deposit their data elsewhere; ORA-Data is not intended to replace national, subject, or other established data collections. ORA-Data can be used to store data that underpins scholarly publications, so that the data can be cited and accessed (if applicable). The Bodleian Libraries have permission to assign DOIs to datasets deposited in ORA-Data.


For more information, please contact Sally Rumsey, Digital Research Librarian, at

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