Past Projects

A selection of our past projects and partnerships is below.

Broadside Ballads Archive

The Broadside Ballads Archive Project created a union catalogue using linked data from the University of Oxford, the English Broadside Ballads Archive at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library to cluster and enrich English folk song and printed ballad resources at several descriptive and interpretive levels. The resource also incorporates an image search tool.


Data Management Rollout at Oxford (DaMaRo) is a JISC-funded project that concluded in March 2013. The aim of the project was to create a research data management policy with a supporting infrastructure to allow researchers to store and manage their data outputs. In addition to the top-level policy, key outputs of the project included the DataBank repository, DataFinder (an online catalogue of Oxford research data), training and information for researchers and others, and policies to support Oxford's data management services.


The JISC-funded DataFlow project was carried out in collaboration with David Shotton and his team in Zoology. DataFlow developed virtualized cloud-based research management services, building on the BDLSS data repository Databank, to serve the 'long tail' of research datasets of small to moderate size.

Digital Theses

Thanks to the generosity and vision of Dr Leonard Polonsky, the Bodleian Libraries have been able to digitize a number of Oxford D.Phil. theses. Staff have contacted authors to identify theses to be digitized. The completed digital theses have been deposited in ORA


In collaboration with 25 other research libraries from 11 countries, the Bodleian Libraries have worked to make our public-domain digitized content accessible via Europeana. This project included several hundred thousand digital images, as well as metadata for all the items scanned in collaboration with Google Books.


Originally developed as part of the Oxford Cambridge Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online, Fihrist has become the national union catalogue of Islamic manuscripts. It now contains the Islamic holdings of seven different U.K. libraries, including the British Library.


The Bodleian Library holds what is regarded as the best collection of Hebrew manuscripts in the world. The Genizah digitization project, in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and with the generous contribution of George Blumenthal, has created an online catalogue and image database for the 4,000 manuscript fragments in the Bodleian's collection. This project will facilitate international research to identify matching fragments in different collections.

Google Books

The Bodleian undertook a project to retrieve and preserve a local copy of the data created in our partnership with Google. We created PDF files from the raw data from the digitization project, and have made over 350,000 books available for download from SOLO.

Queen Victoria's Journals

On May 24, 2012, Her Majesty the Queen launched this unique resource, which makes available online all the personal journals of Queen Victoria. With this site, the Bodleian Libraries, working in partnership with the Royal Archives and the information company ProQuest, made the private records of one of the world's most influential public figures accessible to the public.

Dr Sarah Thomas, Bodley's Librarian, said: 'This initiative is a highly engaging and significant partnership across three organizations for the benefit of public and scholarly access to fascinating historical documents, and has been made possible with the support and generosity of Oxford benefactors the Polonsky Foundation and the Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund.'

The Queen Victoria's Journals website, which is mobile-compliant, offers colour images and full transcription of each entry of the journals. The site's browse function offers a 'Names and Places' content search as well as a date browse feature.

SECT: Sustaining the EEBO-TCP Corpus in Transition

SECT was a JISC-funded project that investigated the impact and sustainability of the EEBO-TCP collection (see Current Projects), developing a framework and set of recommendations for the ongoing curation of the EEBO-TCP corpus and focusing particularly on the future needs of our users. The project was a collaboration between digital editors in BDLSS and researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Selden Map of China

The Selden Map project began the process of placing the Selden Map of China, which is held at the Bodleian Library, into a greater cultural and historical perspective through a website that juxtaposes a high-resolution image of the map with essays and blog posts about its history and scholarship. The site also describes the restoration of the map prior to imaging.

Sprint for Shakespeare

Sprint for Shakespeare was a public campaign that raised funds to stabilize, digitize and publish, freely online, a digital facsimile of the Bodleian's First Folio of Shakespeare's plays.

This appeal to public generosity echoed the campaign of 1905-06, when public donations enabled the Bodleian to buy the book (which first arrived at the Library in 1623) back from the Turbutt family. The volume's fragile condition means that access to it is highly restricted, but this digital facsimile has opened its pages to the world. The project was a collaboration between Dr Emma Smith, of the English Faculty, and several Bodleian departments: Conservation and Collection Care, Rare Books, Imaging Services, Communications, the University Development Office, and BDLSS.

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