Where do I get books on my reading list?

The books on your reading list are likely to be in your College Library and in one or more of the Bodleian Libraries. To find out which libraries have a particular item search SOLO (see: 'How do I find my books and journals').

Many books and most journals are also available online as e-books and e-journals. You can access these 24/7 from anywhere. See: 'How do I access e-books and e-journals?'

Searching for book chapters and journal articles

Remember when searching for a chapter within a book that you need to search SOLO for the title of the book and not the chapter title.

When searching for a journal article you need to choose the 'Articles and more' tab in SOLO. You can then search using the article title and/or the article author.   Alternatively, you can use the 'Oxford collections' tab (the SOLO home page) but in this case you must search using the journal title (not the article title or article author). See: 'How do I make sense of my reading list?'