May I borrow books from libraries?

As a full member of the University, you will have borrowing rights at your own College Library and in most cases at the libraries that serve your subject area.

However, arrangements for borrowing books vary widely from library to library: some books  may not be available to borrow at all, particularly in the Old Bodleian Library. You are also not allowed to take items from the 'Closed Stack' out of the library. See: 'What does 'Closed Stack' mean?'   In these cases, find a place to study within the library, or make a copy or scan of a chapter or article to take home. See: 'Printing, photocopying and scanning'

If you are not sure whether you may borrow books, please consult library staff in the appropriate library.

How many books may I borrow?

This will vary from library to library. Visit the relevant library website or LibGuide for this information.

How long may I borrow books for?

Again, this depends on the library. Different loan periods may apply to different categories of books. Loan periods will also differ in term time and vacation.

How do I know when my books are due back?

You can check your loans and find out when they are due back in the 'My Account' section of SOLO.

 SOLO login box

Sign in to SOLO using your SSO password (see: 'Computers, WiFi and passwords') go to 'My Account' and select 'Loans' to see a list of the books you have taken out.  If you would like to keep the books beyond the due date, you can renew them.

Where should I return my books?

You must return books to the library from which you borrowed them.

Will I get fined if I return the book late?

The majority of Bodleian Libraries charge fines on late books.

If your fines exceed £10 across the Bodleian Libraries, you will not be able to borrow or renew your books, so make sure to return books on time to avoid fines!

You can pay Bodleian Libraries fines in any of the Bodleian group of libraries.

Some College and other libraries do not charge overdue fines, but you are likely to be charged for a replacement copy of a book if you do not respond to overdue notices or if you lose the book.