How do I find my books and journals?

SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) is the catalogue and search engine for all books and journals in Oxford. Link to: SOLO.

It includes information on where to find printed books and journals, as well as links to e-books and online journals.

Searching using SOLO

  1. For a quick search, enter your search words in the box underneath the heading 'Oxford Collections' and click 'Search'.
  2. If you are searching for a specific item, enter keywords from the title and/or the author's name, e.g.:

    SOLO search

  3. Find the book in the results list and click on 'Find & Request' to see which libraries have a copy of the book.  Be aware that you may not be permitted to use all the libraries in the list (see: 'May I use all the libraries in Oxford?'). Click on the '+' icon next to the library name to see the list of individual copies in that library.
  4. Make a note of the book's 'Location' and the 'Call Number' (also known as the shelf mark). This short code will enable you to find the book on the library shelves. 

    SOLO Find and Request

  5. For more detail on searching SOLO, see our video on YouTube (link to: Searching SOLO Video). You can also see our SOLO LibGuide for more information (link to: SOLO LibGuide)

Finding printed books and journals in the libraries

The layout and structure of the libraries in Oxford varies enormously. To track down books and journals in our libraries and reading rooms:

  1. Find the library which holds the book (link to: Library A-Z)
  2. Ask the library staff on duty in the library for directions. They will be happy to help!
  3. Look for signs at the ends of the shelves for guidance.
  4. Some libraries have floor plans available in print or on their websites that can help you find your way around.

More information

See: 'How do I access e-Books and e-Journals?'