Can I get a copy?

I would like a photocopy of a journal article/chapter from a book which you appear to hold in your library. I am not a member of the Bodleian Libraries. How can I do this?

Details of how to apply for a photocopy from most of the Bodleian Libraries are given at the Bodleian Libraries' inter-library loan pages. Information on how to order photocopies from Bodleian material, and an application form, can be found on the Bodleian postal photocopying page.

How can I have a copy made of part of a book printed before 1800?
Full-text searchable reproductions of many works printed before 1800 are available in Early English Books Online or Eighteenth Century Collections Online, both available via OxLIP+. These resources are not accessible to non-current members of the University outside the University network.

Alternatively many items are available as published facsimiles, microfilms or microfiches, from which you can make copies.

If the work from which you require copies is not available via either of these methods, please go to the Imaging Services web pages.

Please direct specific questions about such orders to

How can I have a copy made of a manuscript?
Please consult the Imaging Services website.

Please direct all enquiries to:

I am a current member of Oxford University, but cannot find the book or journal article I need in our libraries. Can I obtain it from another library outside Oxford?
Yes, please make an inter-library loan request. The standard subsidised fee for current members of the University is £4 per request for items obtained from libraries within the United Kingdom.

Please note that in most cases our libraries would not request material printed before 1900.  

I have found a book I would like to read on Google Book Search. Book Search will only allow me to see extracts of the book, but it does say that the original is in the libraries of Oxford University. Could you make copies of some pages for me?
Unfortunately many of the references on Google Book Search are rather minimal, and we often find that although we do hold the original of a work that has been digitised for Book Search, we cannot find the specific section that is required. Please Ask an Oxford Librarian, and we will try our best to find the pages you need, but keep in mind that sometimes we are unsuccessful. If we do find them, we will contact you again regarding payment for photocopies.

Can I buy a book from you?
If it is a book published by the Bodleian Library, please try the Bodleian bookshop or contact

If it is not published by the Bodleian, please note that we are a library service and we do not sell books.

Please try an appropriate bookshop or website for secondhand books, for example:
International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

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