Can I borrow?

I am a current member of Oxford University. How can I find out from which libraries I can borrow?
Please consult the admissions and borrowing policies information on each library’s pages in the Oxford University libraries list.

I am a current member of the Bodleian Libraries. Are there any libraries from which I can borrow?
No. Members of the Bodleian Libraries (non-blue card holders) are admitted on a reference-only basis.

I am not a member of the Bodleian Libraries, but can I borrow a book from your library?
Please make an inter-library loan application through your own public or university/college library. The copy of the book you receive (if the loan application is successful) may not come from Oxford. If the book was printed before 1900, it may well not be possible to borrow it via inter-library loan, in which case you may wish to apply for admission to the Bodleian Libraries. Please see the Admissions Office pages for more information.

COPAC is a union catalogue that gives details and locations of material held by the most significant university and research libraries in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic.

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