Week of Monday 6 March 2017

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Percy Manning: the man who collected Oxfordshire

18 February 2017 — 23 April 2017

The antiquary and folklorist Percy Manning amassed enormous collections of material relating to Oxfordshire. This display illustrates their extraordinary breadth, from archaeology and buildings history…


10 February 2017 — 21 May 2017

From fire-belching mountains to blood-red waves of lava, volcanoes have captured the attention of scientists, artists and members of the public for centuries. In this…

Slavonic treasures from the Bodleian Libraries

14 January 2017 — 19 March 2017

With a focus on alphabets, writing, and the interplay between word and image, this exhibition showcases some of the most striking items from the Slavonic…

Sheldon Tapestry Map talks

22 June 2015 — 1 January 1970

A member of the Bodleian's Map Room team will talk about the background of the Sheldon Tapestry Map of Worcestershire, which is displayed in Blackwell…

The imagination of Ada Lovelace: creative computing and experimental humanities

7 March 2017

In the 200 years since Ada Lovelace's birth, she has been celebrated, neglected, and taken up as a symbol for any number of causes and…

Dante at Oxford: manuscripts, myths, modernity

7 March 2017

Illustrated with slides, this talk sketches the poet's presence in Oxford: in manuscripts donated to the University in the fifteenth century; in printed texts 'rescued…

Born on Mount Etna: the story of the Oxford Ragwort

8 March 2017

Professor Hiscock will explain research into plant reproduction and evolution using the example of the Oxford ragwort, descended from species native to Mount Etna which…

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