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Welcome to the Bodleian Libraries' podcast library. The library contains free digital recordings, or BODcasts, from special events and other highlights throughout the year.

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Oxford Union Library audio tour  

This is a podcast for the Oxford Union Library's Pre-Raphaelite Murals. It guides you around the Old Library and tells you the story of how the murals were painted between 1857 and 1859.  

» Download BODcast (19min, 17.5MB)

Friends of the Bodleian AGM talk 

Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, DD, FBA, FRHistS, FSA on The King James Bible, after all the fuss.

» Download BODcast (45min, 6.5MB)

Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust - The role of open access in maximising the impact of biomedical research

The role of open access in maximising the impact of biomedical research - Lecture given by Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, as part of the Bodleian Libraries and ORA series on scholarship, publishing and the dissemination of research. More details about the Oxford Scholarly Communications programme can be found here

» Download BODcast (42min, 48MB)

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams, visited the Bodleian Libraries Summer exhibition Manifold Greatness: Oxford and the Making of the King James Bible on Monday 9 May. After visiting the exhibition, the Archbishop met with a group of students in the Divinity School. To find out more about the event click here.

» Download BODcast (31min, 40MB)

The Gathered Text

A one-day symposium. To find out more about the event click here.

Rebecca Bullard - Introduction
» Download BODcast (4min, 5MB)

Translating Kafka

Ritchie RobertsonWilla and Edwin Muir: the First Translators of Kafka into English
» Download BODcast (25min, 23MB)

Mark Harman'A circus rider on two horses?': Kafka and Translation
» Download BODcast (45min, 42MB)

Panel discussion among translators - Anthea Bell, Stanley Corngold, Joyce Crick and Mike Mitchell.  Chaired by Karen Leeder
» Download BODcast (102min, 57MB)

Stanley CorngoldTranslating Kafka: from Accident Insurance to Literature
» Download BODcast (45min, 42MB)

Crossing Borders: Hebrew Manuscripts as a Meeting-place of Cultures

From the opening night of Crossing Borders: Hebrew Manuscripts as a Meeting-place of Cultures, an exhibition celebrating the story of how together Jews, Christians and Muslims have contributed to the development of the book. Find out more>>

» Download BODcast (24min, 22MB)

Dr Sarah Thomas, Bodley's Curator

Dr Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford (min 7.00)

Dr Piet van Boxel, Curator of the exhibition (min 15.00)

Crime Day at the Bodleian 

A special one-day event celebrating the publication of P.D. James's new book, Talking about Detective Fiction, published by the Bodleian Library. Find out more>>

P.D. James in conversation with Kate Summerscale
» Download BODcast (52.34min, 48.1 MB)

Val McDermid
» Download BODcast (62.25min, 57.2 MB)

P.D. James in conversation with Ruth Rendell
» Download BODcast (55.54min, 51.2 MB)

Friends of the Bodleian AGM talk

The Right Honourable Douglas Hurd, Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE, PC speaking on Pleasures of an amateur historian

» Download BODcast ( 40.13min, 36.8 MB)

Oxford Literary Festival 2009

Bodleian Day at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival 2009. Find out more>>

Bruce Chatwin Remembered Speakers: Hugh Chatwin, Jonathan Chatwin and Nicholas Murray
» Download BODcast ( 49.15min, 45.1 MB)

Renaissance Cookery Speaker: Diego Zancani
» Download BODcast (48.43min, 44.6 MB)

James Fenton: Reading 15 poems
» Download BODcast (48.20min, 44.3 MB)

Out of Danger (2.36)
Serious (4.00)
The Ideal (5.10)
Hinterhof (7.40)
The Mistake (8.30)
The Milkfish Gatherers (10.08)
Jerusalem (17.20)
For Andrew Wood (22.08)
Out of the East (23.35)
Blood and Lead (29.00)
The Ballad of the Imam and the Shah (29.50)
Gabriel (34.09)
The Orange Dove of Fiji (36.17)
The Skip (38.30)
Here Come the Drum Majorettes! (43.02)

Hallelujah!: The British Choral Tradition

From the opening night of Hallelujah! The British Choral Tradition, an exhibition celebrating a thousand years of music-making. Find out more »

Schola Cantorum of Oxford - O Clap Your Hands by Orlando Gibbons
» Download BODcast (5.01 min, 4.60MB)

Sarah Thomas, Bodley's Librarian
» Download BODcast (6.51min, 6.27MB)

Schola Cantorum of Oxford - Sing Joyfully by William Byrd
» Download BODcast (2.45 min, 2.51MB)

Dr John Hood, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford
» Download BODcast (6.14 min, 5.70MB)

Schola Cantorum of Oxford - If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis
» Download BODcast (2.38 min, 2.42MB)

Howard Goodall, Broadcaster and Composer
» Download BODcast (14.20 min, 13.1MB)

Schola Cantorum of Oxford - My Spirit Sang All Day by Gerald Finzi
» Download BODcast (2.01min, 1.84MB) 

Celebration of Alan Bennett's donation 

Alan Bennett donated his entire literary archive to the Bodleian Library. A special event which celebrated the generous gift took place in the Divinity School on 27 November 2008. Alan Bennett was the guest of honour and was presented with the Bodley Medal. Find out more »

» Download BODcast (25.37 min, 23.4MB)

Richard Ovenden - min 1.26

Actor Sam Dastor reads two poems: Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy and Church Going by Philip Larkin - min 7.34

Alan Bennett - min 13.27

David Vaisey - min 21.40

The Original Frankenstein book launch

The launch of The Original Frankenstein, a Bodleian Library publication, took place in the Divinity School on 7 October 2008. Brian Aldiss, the well-known author of science-fiction, was the guest of honour. Find out more »

Sarah Thomas, Bodley's Librarian
» Download BODcast (7.57 min, 7.3MB)

Prof Charles E. Robinson, editor of The Original Frankenstein
» Download BODcast (7.27 min, 6.8MB)

Brian Aldiss, science-fiction author
» Download BODcast (19.57min, 18.3 MB)

World Book Day 2008: The Creation as told in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur'an

A one-day display featuring the Creation as recorded in three spectacular and historic manuscripts. Find out more »

Dr Norman Solomon
Fellow in Modern Jewish Theology at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies; Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford
» Download BODcast (9.30 min, 8.92MB)

Professor Alister McGrath
Professor of Theology, University of Oxford
» Download BODcast (7.19 min, 6.86MB)

Professor Yahya Michot
Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies; Lecturer at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford
» Download BODcast (8.49 min, 8.27MB)

All three lectures
» Download BODcast (27 min, 27.20MB)

Citizen Milton

From the opening night of the Citizen Milton exhibition, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of John Milton (1608-74). 

Dr Sarah Thomas
Bodley's Librarian and Director
» Download BODcast (4.26min, 4MB)

Dr Sharon Achinstein
Curator of the Exhibition, Fellow of St Edmund Hall
» Download BODcast (1.36min, 1.5MB)

Philip Pullman
» Download BODcast (7.17min, 6.8MB)

Sam Dastor
» Download BODcast (3.16min, 3MB) from Aeropagitica, Milton's defense of the freedom of the press written to Parliament 
» Download BODcast (2.41min, 2.5MB) from Samson Agonistes, the Biblical hero Samson bewailing his political and personal state 
» Download BODcast (2.43min, 2.5MB) from Paradise Lost Book One, Satan's first speech 
» Download BODcast (2.15min, 2.1KB) from Paradise Lost Book Four, Satan first spies Adam and Eve
» Download BODcast (1.57min, 1.8MB) from Paradise Lost Book One, Milton's ambitions as a poet

Magna Carta at Oxford

A one-day event to celebrate one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy. Find out more »

Professor Richard Sharpe
Fellow of Wadham College and Professor of Diplomatic
» Download BODcast (21.03min, 19MB)

Archipelago Poetry Evening

A poetry evening to celebrate the first issue of Archipelago, with readings from Seamus Heaney, Bernard O'Donoghue and Mick Imlah. 9 October 2008

Chris Fletcher
Head of Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library
» Download BODcast (2min, 1.8MB): introduction

Andrew McNeillie
Editor, Clutag Press
» Download BODcast (7.16 min, 6.6MB): the origins of Archipelago

Mick Imlah
Poetry Editor of the Times Literary Supplement
» Download BODcast (4.46min, 4.3MB): reading from his poem 'Muck'

Paul Abbot
Student of St Anne's College, Oxford
» Download BODcast (8.59min, 8.2MB): reading from his poem 'Flood'

Mark Williams
Student of Jesus College, Oxford
» Download BODcast (5.59min, 5.4MB): reading of a poem in Scottish Gaelic

Andrew Kahn
Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford and Russian teacher
» Download BODcast (9.36min, 8.8MB): an introduction and excerpts from a poem by Osip Mandelshtam (read in Russian)

Greg Delanty 
Professor at St Michael's College, Vermont
» Download BODcast (8.47min, 8MB): reading from his translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem 'The Wanderer'

Bernard O'Donoghue
Poet and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford
» Download BODcast (2.11min, 2MB)

Seamus Heaney
Nobel Prize in Literature (1995), Professor of Poetry at Oxford University (1989-94), Honorary Fellow of Magdalen College, and recipient of the Bodley Medal
» Download BODcast (11.58min, 10.9MB): reading two contributions to the first issue of Archipelago

Oxford Tribute to Seamus Heaney (video)

A celebration of Seamus Heaney's life and work took place in the Sheldonian Theatre on 2 February 2014. This extract features works by the poet chosen and read by Geoffrey Hill, Rosie Lavan, James Fenton, Christopher Ricks, and Simon Armitage; with music by Liam O'Flynn and introduced by Hermione Lee.

» Download video (34.23min, 276MB)

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