Useful Links

Websites relevant to skills training for Oxford University

Training requirements for research students from the Research Councils

Oxford University. Educational Policy and Standards Committee

Aspire and the Skills Portal linked via the OU Careers Service

QAA Subject Benchmarks

Useful websites for information literacy

Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching (Cardiff University)

The Information Literacy Website

LILAC Conference 2008 (presentations available) 

SCONUL Hot topic: information literacy

UKEIG Group (UK e-Information Group) Website

UKEIG Group (UK e-Information Group) WIKI

Making Your Teaching Inclusive (Open University website)

LearnHigher : Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Unesco Information Literacy Resources Directory

Webjunction (American website organised by OCLC which includes useful online resources)

Information literacy tutorials

Engage in Research (tutorial from Reading University)

Newsletters and journals

British Library HE e-news

Communications in Information Literacy

Elucidate (online newsletter for members of the CILIP UKEIG)

ESCalate bulletin (HE Academy)

Freepint (online newsletter which usually includes interesting articles about web developments)

Internet resources newsletter

Journal of Information Literacy

JISC Collections (the newsletter covers news about new resources, ongoing negotiations and other information and reports.)

NextSpace (OCLC newsletter)

Interesting papers:

Hull D, Pettifer SR, Kell DB (2008) Defrosting the Digital Library: Bibliographic Tools for the Next Generation Web. PLoS Comput Biol 4(10): e1000204.

Key reports

Horizon report 2009 [describing relevant emerging technologies] - New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE

Environmental scan 2007 - ALA

Researchers and discovery services - RIN

Ensuring a bright future for research libraries - RIN

Learning outcomes and information literacy - SCONUL

Information behaviour of the researcher of the future - UCL

Mind the Skills Gap - RIN

Sharing, privacy and trust in our networked world - OCLC

Studying students: the Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester - ALA

Understanding information literacy: A primer - UNESCO

Websites of relevance to specific resources

Google Librarian Centre

Intute: Virtual training suite for effective internet searching

Writings about e-book publishing (compiled by Chris Armstrong)

Examples of Library blogs:
University College, Dublin
University College, London - Politics  and Art blogs

General librarianship websites

ACRLog : Association of College and Research Libraries: blogging by and for academic librarians

ALISS: Social Science Librarians Group [good section on links for induction and information skills]

Library Related Conferences (compiled by Marian Dworaczek)

The Skills Exchange (a place for librarians and information workers to meet and exchange ideas)

Useful academic websites

RAE  site

Useful tools

Meetomatic (allows easy arrangement of meeting dates)

MWSnap (useful free download which allows you to do screen captures)

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