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X marks the spot
(PDF, 121kb)
Create a board game which takes the player on a journey around a world, real or fictional.
Maps and Boundaries
A poetical journey
Engage students in oral story-telling using place names and journeys as prompts.
Homer's Odyssey
Getting the feel for writing
(PDF, 131kb)
Experiment with writing on wax tablets.
The Classical Heritage
(PDF, 122kb)
7-18Try out some stargazing and sketch what you see.
Book of fixed stars
Painting sounds
(PDF, 289kb)
7-18A look at the relationship between illustration and poetry.
Mendelssohn's Schilflied
This is your life
(PDF, 288kb)
7-18Plot your life as a map, charting the journey you make and assigning places to different times and experiences.
Marco Polo's Travels
Introduction to Greek Maths
(PDF, 251kb)
Unlike with Roman numerals, the Greeks used their whole character set to represent numbers. Solve these problems, and create your own.
Euclid's Elements of Geometry
Shelley re-ordered
(PDF, 130kb)
Reconfigure one of Shelley's poems, engaging with different kinds of poetic structure.
Shelley's Verses on a Cat, other poetry can also be found here
Modern day meetings?
(PDF, 123kb)
Construct an online dating profile for Mary Shelley based on the information you can glean from her letters, writings, possessions and portraits.
Shelley's Ghost exhibition site
(PDF, 127kb)
Learn about the relationship between literature and art through illustrating a poem.
William Blake's Songs of Innocence
Translation comparison
(PDF, 110kb)
Discuss the differences between translations of sacred texts.
The King James Bible
Object dialogue
(PDF, 121kb)
Write a monologue or dialogue from the point of view of objects in the Shelley's Ghost exhibition.
Shelley's Ghost exhibition site
Response to Ozymandias
(PDF, 148kb)
Write your response to the statue, as though you were a stranger passing by.
Shelley's Ozymandias
Lectio Divina
(PDF, 123kb)
Learn to indulge in reading for its own sake.
Sacred texts
A defense of 'poesie'
(PDF, 128kb)
Explore several defences of Poetry, from Wollstonecraft to Sidney, and construct your own.
Shelley's A Defence of Poetry
Editing Frankenstein
(PDF, 146kb)
Go through the draft of Frankenstein to give Mary Shelley corrections and feedback so that she can go away and improve the rest of the novel.
Mary Shelley's draft of Frankenstein
It's all Greek to Shelley
(PDF, 127kb)
What influence did ancient Greek literature have on Shelley? Find out through reading his poetry.
Shelley's Epipsychidion
Frankenstein needs filling in
(PDF, 144kb)
Try to write your own page of Frankenstein.
Mary Shelley's draft of Frankenstein
Swiss gloomth
(PDF, 128kb)
Mary Shelley came up with the idea for Frankenstein when staying in the swiss village of Cologny. Describe this area for a new travel agency.
Mary Shelley's draft of Frankenstein
From daughter to mother
(PDF, 123kb)
Read letters written by Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft. Write your own imaginative letter from daughter to mother.
Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley 
Frankenstein transcription
(PDF, 143kb)
Transcribe a page of Mary Shelley's original manuscript and compare it with the printed version.
Mary Shelley's draft of Frankenstein
Ancient Greek instructions and plans
(PDF, 122kb)
Use these Greek alphabet cards (PDF, 50kb) to help achieve linguistic awareness of Ancient Greek.
Euclid or Sappho, examples of text in Ancient Greek
A vindication of the Vindication
(PDF, 146kb)
Rewrite a passage from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman for the national media.
Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Defining a treasure
Think about what constitutes a treasure. How does this relate to pieces of literature?
Treasures of the Bodleian

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