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Launch of the website for the Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy (ADDEP)

developed by The Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation (CLDR) and ICPSR.

The 'FAIR' Guiding Principles for scientific data management

provide a guideline for data producers and publishers to enhance the reusability of scientific data.

ICPSR's new CivicLEADS archive provides data on civic education and action

The project provides infrastructure for researchers to share and access high-quality datasets, which can be used to study civic education and involvement.

UKDS: the new set of theme pages related to politics.

A variety of data collections related to politics, from key government and longitudinal surveys to international indicators and qualitative historical interviews, covering topics such as political opinions, civic participation, elections, political parties, and many more.

World Bank Subnational Population database

Made available via the UKDS.Stat interface as open data.

“Measuring up": a review of social science departments

British Academy finds a distinct lack of quantitative skills (QS) among UK students compared with their international counterparts.

UKDS: Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI) - open call

ESRC has announced its call to promote secondary analysis of key ESRC-funded data resources and infrastructure.

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